Thursday, August 28, 2014

Birthday Party

  Every year I have great intentions of planning out amazing birthday parties for my kids.  I always think that as it gets closer, I'll get on Etsy and have really cool themed party's planned.  But then the days get ahead of me and before I know it, we need to have a party in the next couple of days and I have nothing planned.  Gasp! 

  But at the last minute, we got a party planned for Emma and it turned out great!   It turns out, I don't need to spend a lot of time and money on these parties.  She had her best girlfriends there, they had dessert, opened gifts and played a couple of games.
 My sweet girl!

Here is a picture of Emma running with the popcorn on her shoe.  It is a game that I found online at Better Homes & Gardens.  I was looking for a new game for the kids to play at the party, and found this one.  It was a hit... the kids loved it!  You have to run down with the cup of popcorn on your shoe and empty it into the bowl.  The first team to fill their bowl wins. 
  I'm so glad that it all came together and that she had a great day!  Mission accomplished!  :)

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