Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fun at the lake

 I love this picture of Dan, Emma and Jesse.  Emma looks like she's ready to fight and Jesse he just cracks me up!

 BFF's in the making!  Emma and Shea just love each other!

Dan's parents rented a couple paddle boards for us to use for the day.  We all had a lot of fun using them.  The kids even did great.  They just hoped on and took off.

 Gracie and Belle
I didn't get any pictures of them tipping each other over and all the fun that they had on them, but I was too busy having fun myself to be sitting and taking pictures all day.   :)  At one point I got both of my sisters to get on one of the paddle boards with me.  Hoping there is a good picture of that because that was so fun!  And guess what else we got a picture of.....

My Family
So thankful to have a picture of all 5 of us in one place! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

What we've been up to this year

Since there is such a gap in my blog from last year to this year, I thought I would post some pics of the things that we have done and been up to.  Keep in mind these are my phone pics.  Not the best quality but so thankful that my phone has a camera on it.  :)

Jesse played baseball and also got braces put on.  Emma played t-ball but I don't have a picture at the moment.

Dan and I were able to go to Vegas for a weekend with some good friends!  It was awesome!!!  We saw Ray Ramono!  :) 

This was a kids meal that Jesse ordered at Silver Mt.  Who puts 3 cheeseburgers on a kids meal!?  Of course Jesse thought this was AWESOME!  :)  They were supposed to be mini burgers but they weren't quite mini, not as big as a regular, but big enough that he could only eat 2.  

We celebrated Gracie's 11th birthday at the local pool with family and then she had a friend that lives out of town stay the night with her as well.  She's growing up sooo fast!  :(

This is the first time that I've gotten all 3 kids in a picture in a really long time.  Jesse hates having his picture taken.  I mean seriously hates it!  So this is far from great but I will take it!

 My sister and I in her new jeep.

Jesse got his first dirt bike and him and his cousin have been putting on the miles riding around together.  I love that we live close enough that they just drive across the hayfield to go play. 

He has also learned to fish.  Since neither Dan or I are fishermen his older cousin Austin has been teaching him lots and Jesse is just soaking it up.

Gracie and Emma with their cousin up at the Lake

 My Love!

Jesse with his new gear

 Emma and I

Emma has lost her first tooth and has gotten her ears pierced.  She is feeling like a big girl, especially with Kindergarten starting in a couple of weeks.

Well, there is a run through of some of the things that we've been up to.  There are way too many to put in one post.  I will post another time about our trip down to Palm Springs to visit Dan's parents. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back on

  We have been busy living life and at full speed, but I really want to blog again... so I'm back on.  I looked at the last post and it is from so long ago.  I'm not good at keeping a blog at all, but I love when I do it and can look back at old posts and remember things that we did.  In the last post we were still working on Gracie's room upstairs.  Which is done and looks great!  The kids love having their own rooms and space.  I will get some pictures up soon of the finished work.

  The kids and I have been staying in Missoula 2 days a week through out most of the summer.  Gracie is getting some help with her reading and we've been staying with my sister and her family which has been so nice to have a place to stay and to be able to hang out with them.

 Here we are at Apple Bee's the other day.

 Emma was trying pull herself up on Gracie to look taller than her big sister, and eventually they were both giggling.  I love it!  :)
 Here I am with Jesse.  My phone doesn't take the best pictures, but I'm just thankful when I remember to take pictures every once in a while.  We seem to run so much that I never get the camera out unless I have a photo session and then it's put away while we live life.  We are going up to my in-laws lake house this weekend and I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that maybe we can get a nice/decent family photo on the lake!  We shall see.  :)