Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's been a little bit busy around this house lately.  Last week there were 2 different nights of Christmas concerts for the kids.  Today they had a Christmas concert/play at church.  Dan's parents came down for the concert today and then we met up for lunch and headed back to the house to exchange Christmas gifts.

Gracie got a sewing machine, which she was super excited about, (something she's been wanting for a long time) since she's been wanting to design clothes.  Lately, she's been cutting up old clothes, and fabric and taping them together.  Ya, I know it is time.  But the problem is that I swear sewing machines hate me.  We only had the sewing machine up and running for 20 minutes, and it's already down and needs the help of a sewing expert.  When I sew I'm like a little kid who gets a hold of their parents computer, and when the parent walks over and looks at the screen, they stare and wonder how and what the kid did to their computer.  Well, that's me with a sewing machine.  I do things, that people don't even know you could do.  But I'm working on that, or I will be soon. 

Dan and I baked a couple batches of cookies last night.  I like cooking most days, but I really dislike baking... so I mix it up and Dan bakes.  If I'm actually going to bake them myself, I would have to strap a timer onto my body, otherwise, I get busy and seem to be on the other end of the house, and then I usually think, "Oh, crap... the cookies" and run across the house to the smell of burnt cookies.  So Dan, bless his heart has offered to continue being the 'baker' in the house.  :) 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We may not have Target, Macy's, McDonalds or the Olive Garden, but we've got this!  Just one of the many reasons, why I feel very blessed.

View from our front porch
I was too lazy to go outside and take this picture, so I took this one through the window in the girls' room (on the side of the house).  There's usually about 20 elk that walk through very early every morning.  They're usually out of sight by the time the sun comes up, but they must have been a little slow moving this day.  If I am ever motivated and brave enough, I'd love to hide further on out in the property and take a few pictures of them jumping the fence, and get some close ups.  I'm not too scared of the elk, but more so of the cougar that's been around lately.  Then there's always the local coyotes, and lately sightings of wolves.  Hmm... maybe I'll just stick to taking pictures through my windows.  :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


  We had a load of wood dropped off back in August, for Dan to cut up for this winter.  And by a load of wood, I mean a logging truck load of wood!

 Yep, that should last us through the winter!  How ridiculous is that!?  But I am ever so grateful, as I love my house to be warm!

About Me...

Follower of Christ.  Happily married.  Mother of 3.  Preachers daughter.  Photographer. Horseback rider.  Book worm.  Dreamer. 

I am a very simple, small town girl.  I love being a wife and a mother!  It really is the best job ever!

My heart aches for the orphans, and I'm waiting, some times patiently and sometimes not, as to whether adoption is what God is calling Dan and I to pursue.

My days are usually packed full with laundry, running the kids to and from school, trying to keep the house clean, taking or editing photos, and when I get a few minutes of down time... I read!

Here's to a new blogging adventure!