Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

  I haven't posted anything for quite a while now.  I ended up helping my Dad at the pharmacy for a couple of weeks, and then I've been trying to get caught back up at home.  At the end of the day, the last thing I thought about was blogging.  To all of you who can juggle it all, I am impressed!

Today just so happens to be the last Wednesday of the month, which means today is What's Up Wednesday, which is the perfect time to jump back in and tell what we've been up to this month.  I'm linking back up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel.

What we're eating this week

Fajitas, Chili, and Fried rice.  All easy and all very good!  :)

What I'm reminiscing about

Nothing really.  At the moment, I'm looking straight ahead.

What I'm loving

I'm loving all the sunshine and warm weather that we've already had this Spring.  We've also been getting lots of rain, which is awesome as well.  I don't want another dry summer like last year. 

What we've been up to

Dan and I were in Vegas last weekend with my sister and brother in law, along with a couple of our best friends.  5 out of 8 of us have either just recently turned 40 or they are turning 40 within the next month.  Definitely some oldies, but goodies!  ;)

What I'm dreading

I'm dreading cleaning out my flower beds.  It's gonna take some work, but it will be worth it.  I'm hoping to get to them this weekend if the weather is nice.

What I'm working on

I feel like I've been running or gone for the last couple of weeks, and I'm ready to get back to my Spring cleaning.  I started on my closet before we left for Vegas.  I started moving my sweaters out of the way and bringing forward my skirts and capri's.  I am hoping to finish up my closet, and then start on the linen closet as well as our kitchen pantry.  I'm ready to have everything cleaned up, so we'll be ready to play outside whenever possible.

What I'm excited about

I'm excited to start camping.  Dan brought the camper home last month and it's sitting in our driveway.  He spent an afternoon cleaning it up, so we just have a couple more things we need to finish up, and then we'll be ready.  Yesterday, I decided to go out and sit in it while I did my bible study.  If that doesn't tell you I'm ready, I don't know what will.  ;)

What I'm watching/reading

 I started reading the Bachelor's Bargain by Catherine Palmer and it is really good so far.  It's probably one of the better books I've read in a while.  

I've also been reading and studying Beth Moore's bible study, Sacred Secrets.

As far as what I've been watching... I've been making Dan watch old Friends reruns with me.  I DVR them, and then when we settle in for the night, we'll sit and watch a couple shows.  I love unwinding at night with some laughs.  It's the best way to end the day.

What I'm listening to

As I'm typing this, there is not a sound in the house, except me typing away on this keyboard. 

What I'm wearing

This shows the struggle better than I could explain it myself.  Everyday when getting dressed, you take a chance. 

What I'm doing this weekend

I'm not sure yet.  I don't have anything written down on the calendar.  How nice is that!  We may watch a softball game, if my niece is playing in town.  Otherwise, we'll probably work on a couple projects around the house and enjoy the weekend at home.

What I'm looking forward to next month

I'm looking forward to a fun month of school for the kids.  May always seems so fun.  They have tons of field trips, lighter work loads, and the anticipation that summer break is almost here.  It just seems fun.  It's bittersweet for me this year, because Gracie will graduate from 8th grade, and be moving on up to the High School.  Cue the tears!  :(  It gives me a bit of a stomach ache, but we'll take this one day at a time.  Nothing else to do, right?!

What else is new

Meet Henry.
He was born last week and his Mama, (Jenny cow) didn't make it, so he's being bottle fed.  He's such a sweet little guy, and it breaks our hearts that he doesn't have a Mama.  My mom is planning on just letting him wander around in her yard this summer.  The only problem is, we are all going to get attached and at some point he's going to grow up into a very big bull that she'll have to sell.  Until then, he'll be very loved.

If you aren't following me on Snapchat or Instagram, you should.  My username is Jenny Claridge.  And if you're only into blogging, well make sure and leave a comment saying hello.  I always love meeting and talking with fellow bloggers.

Have the best week!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites With A Twist

Today I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci to share my Friday Favorites.

I'm doing this a little different than I have in the past.  Normally, I would only show you my favorites, but today I'd love for you to tell me yours.  I'm always a little out of the loop, (kind of like when I was 28 years old and found out that women actually shave their big toes, what?!  I missed that memo.) so I thought today you ladies could fill me in on what I should be watching, reading, etc.


 What is your favorite movie? 

You know, the one you could watch over and over again...

Mine is, You've Got Mail.  It never gets old!  Never!


What is your favorite book?

 Besides the bible... what would it be?
Hands down, mine would be Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers.  I reread it about once every other year.  It's that good!


What is your favorite show on TV right now?

Now that the Bachelor is over, I don't have anything that I look forward to watching.  We'll watch Fixer Upper, but that's about it.  I'm thinking I need to talk Dan into getting us Netflix so I can watch  Friends or Seinfeld episodes again. 



What is your favorite trick to lose a couple of pounds?

Help a girl out!  Is there something that you automatically cut out of your diet, or something you add into your diet?  Whatever it might be, fill me in.

I'm trying to cut out bread and bacon.  ;)

I don't know if this is true or not, but this is my new moto...
e.m. Health & Fitness: Spring Break ABS Meal plan!  ABS ARE MADE IN THE K...:
I am trying to get in some excercise every day as well, but mostly I'm trying to watch what I eat.


What's something you learned a little late in life?

Just like I learned about shaving your big toes, what's something you missed the memo on?  I think this could be fun, if I'm not the only one, who's missed the memo on something and you all play along.  :)

Have the best weekend you guys!