Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My 2nd Grader!

Jesse had his first day of 2nd grade today!  I asked him if he had a fun day and he told me he did and that he got candy!   I guess his teacher knows the way to his heart!  :)
 Gosh, it sure doesn't seem that long ago that he was in preschool, clinging to my leg because he didn't want me to leave and now he's very independent.  He is so smart, thoughtful and kind hearted!

I got all 3 kids to hold still long enough to take a quick picture of all of them.  Gracie was in a bit of a crabby mood, but managed to put a half smile on her face for one picture and then we ran out quick to meet the bus.  Emma doesn't start school until November, so I have a little bit more time before we have another first day of school around here. 

On another note, I've decided, "If you can't beat em', join them".  So... I have joined Fantasy Football on one of my husbands teams.  So far my team, 'The Magnificents' have a fairly good team!   :)

And I did finish the book by Nicholas Sparks called 'The Best of Me,' and it was really good.  I was sure that I had the ending figured out, but I forget that Nicholas Sparks is unlike most authors and can usually stump even me. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

My 5th Grader!!!

Gracie is officially a 5th grader & I am hoping and praying that she has a great year! 

 She is playing the flute this year in band...

Isn't she beautiful?  She has such a big heart & is so sweet when she's not giving me that preteen, eye rolling attitude!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to the books

Our lazy summer days are about to end!  School starts in 4 days!!!  Eeeek!  We went to Gracie's open house at the school last night.  She got to pick out her locker, meet her teacher and pick out a desk.  I am excited for her as she has moved out of one building at school and into the 5th and 6th grade building. 
 We have gotten most of the school supplies.  We just need to make one more quick trip out of town to get a couple last minute items.  Maybe a "quick trip" isn't the most accurate wording, as the nearest town for clothes and backpacks is 1 1/2 - 2 hours away in any direction.  Makes last minute items, a little more difficult.
 Gracie's supplies
 I have a feeling that 5th grade math is going to start stumping me, as now they have to have a calender.  Are you smarter than a 5th grader???  ;)

Jesse's supplies... he's going into 2nd grade.

Emma's supplies for at home.

 Emma won't start preschool until November, since her teacher is student teaching at an Elementary school until November.   So I'll keep working on some things at home with her during the day to keep her busy and learning.  She barely makes the cut off day for Kindergarten, but we've decided to hold her and have her be the oldest next year instead of the youngest this year.  Her teacher said that she would do fine either way.  So hopefully we're making the right decision.

  While we were school supply shopping, we came across these small little notebooks at Staples for a $1 each.  I was so excited, because these are great for the kids to take to church to keep them quiet and entertained.   We have such a small church and there is a nursery for the little kids, but my kids are all to old for it now, so we make them sit quietly and listen while coloring or doodling.  I think I actually saw my SIL using these for my niece who is a bit younger and I loved the idea, so we've taken the idea and have run with it!

  Lastly, I have just recently bought a couple new books and thought I'd share them.  I ordered 'Empty Promises' by Pete Wilson and just started reading it, but so far it's good.  'The Best of Me' I got at Costco last weekend and really like it so far.  I'm about half way through it.  I think I can predict what will happen, but I'm excited to find out if I'm right or not.  Nicholas Sparks often seems to surprise me with the way he ends his books.  'Brother Andrew' is a book that I just got in the mail yesterday that I have had in my Amazon cart for a while and finally ordered.  It is one that I am planning on reading to the kids.  I peaked through it and it looks to be a fun Christian adventure book.  Hopefully we'll start that this evening.  If we like it, I believe there is a bunch more just like it with different adventures and hero's. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Four Lakes

I guess it's called Four Lakes, but we actually ended up seeing 5 different lakes on our hike last weekend. 
 Me, Mom & Lindy
 Cabin Lake

 Austin Fishing...  he caught a couple little fish that he would have had to throw back if they wouldn't have jumped off the line before he could do it!  :)
 I think this was the 3rd lake we saw.
 In this picture above we could see our town in the valley below us.
 And this was the last lake that we saw.  I think they said it was called Duck Lake.  We tied the horses off a couple hundred yards down the trail, as the trail gets very narrow and there isn't anywhere to turn around.  So we walked up and isn't this a gorgeous view! 

Here we are for one more shot up on Duck Lake. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blossom Lake

Last weekend, my Mom, my nephew, a friend of ours and myself took Mom's horses up to Blossom lake.  I have never hiked into a lake before on horseback, and I think that's my new favorite way to go.  It was sooo fun!
 It was so pretty and relaxing up there.  I would love to go back up and stay for a couple of nights.
 We're hoping to hit another lake maybe in the next week or so. 
 This little creek, is one that we crossed when we got up towards the lake.  My horse crossed a rock and then decided that she wanted to jump the rest of the way.  It took be by surprise and when she jumped my sunglasses went flying off and into the water.  Mom was behind me on her horse, so I had to wait until after they crossed to look for my glasses.  Thankfully they didn't go floating down the creek or get stepped on or broken.  They were all clean and in one piece.  :)

 Next time I'll have to bring my wide angle lens.  I brought one, thinking it would be wide enough, but I could only get sections of the lake in my camera instead of one big shot!  :(

 This was the horse that I rode up.  Her name is Tequila.  Sometimes, she can be a little moody.  But thankfully we got along just fine.
I took this picture as we were headed back out towards the road.  We felt so bad for some of the hikers that were walking up.  We went up early and were coming out about the time that it was starting to get pretty warm out.  But as we were coming out there was a bunch of people walking in.  They were so hot and tired, they were all asking if they were almost to the top yet.  Unfortunately they were maybe half way.  Some weren't even half way yet.  It's about a 3 1/2 - 4 mile hike.  I don't think I'll be going on foot until I get a bit more in shape.  But on horseback, it was perfect!