Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Run, Run, Run

  Saturday morning, we got up and headed over to Spokane to do our school shopping.  Thankfully we were able to get most of what we needed.  I also had a trip planned for Missoula, so I didn't have to get everything that day.  Why do we need so much?  It's crazy, I tell you!  After we were done shopping, we decided to find a place to eat on our way back home.  We ended up stopping at a Texas Roadhouse.  We have never been to one before and it was so funny to see the kids expressions.  If you are like me and haven't eaten there before, it is fun, loud and messy.  As we were being led to our table, Emma looks around at the floor, looks back at me and says, "gross."  Haha!  They serve buckets of peanuts to snack on, and it appears that most of the shells get tossed to the floor.  We sat down and I took this picture of Emma looking at the floors.  Hahaha!

  Then I asked her to make a face, on what she thought about the messy floors.  Ha! 

The kids ended up really liking it.  With the loud music, I didn't have to tell them to be quiet or use their indoor voices.  And the steak... Jesse loved the steak.  He was in love. 

  Sunday the girls and I went to church and did some grocery shopping.  When we got back home, Emma and I went over to Mom's and saddled up a couple horses and went riding with Mom and a friend of ours.  Mom led Emma's horse, and thankfully Emma and her horse both did great!

  When we got back home after our ride, we let Emma ride around the corral by herself.  And then Gracie and Belle decided they wanted to ride around the corral as well.  She did awesome.  I was so excited for her, and so thankful that the horses did great for her.  I didn't plan on her riding by herself... usually she is just led around the corral.  I'm thinking it is way past time I get her a riding helmet.  Hopefully it won't make me so nervous.
 Later that night we put some new rollers in the girls hair after they showered.  I thought this picture of Emma was cute of her in her bathrobe, curlers in her hair, baking cookies.  My Dad had a full knee replacement surgery and monster cookies are his favorite, so that's what we made for him.  Hopefully they'll help him heal faster.  :)
   Dan and Jesse stayed up until midnight setting up Dan's fantasy football team.  Jesse loves it, and is just as passionate about it as Dan.  Bonding over football... thankfully they both like the same team.
  Monday we were able to finish our shopping for school and get the kids' dentist appointments crossed off the list.  It was a long day, but I think we are now ready for school.  Remember to give thanks today if you have a Target and a Costco in your town.  ;)

  I started calling Emma's friends parents last night and trying to throw together a last minute birthday party for Emma tomorrow.  Thankfully I think everyone that I called is planning on making it.  Phew!  I will be keeping it simple.  A few games, some cupcakes, a little playtime at the park.  Her birthday is actually on Sunday but we decided to have a friend party as well.  You know, because there isn't enough going on at the moment.  ;)

  Both Jesse and Emma have open house at their school tonight, as school starts next Tuesday.  I'm gonna get ready to run Gracie into town now for volleyball practice and hurry back home to make dinner so we have time to eat before the open house.  Between all this running, and planning, this Mama is gonna be ready for a nice glass of wine tonight. 

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!  :)


  1. Where are you taking the poor children to eat! Haha, that face :)

  2. I know, I'm sure that's what Emma was thinking when we sat down. I could only imagine what C's face would be like as well. Hahaha! ;)