Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Books we're reading

  Yesterday we went out of town to the Orthodontist so Jesse could get his braces off.  Very bittersweet.  We were really excited for him to get his braces off, but we all hang our heads at the idea of driving 2 hours to get there.  But we did it and I made sure that we stopped at the book store before his appointment so we could get some new books to read.

  These are the 3 that I picked out for myself.  I kind of pigged out.  I probably didn't need all 3, but I sure felt that I needed all 3.  :)
 This first book is one that I have been seeing all over the internet.  Seriously everywhere!  And every little teaser from inside the book... I have LOVED!  I'm excited about this one! 

Shay talked about this book the other day on her blog, and I thought it sounded like it would be a good read, but also something that I could read and really apply to myself. 

This book, just looked fun!  I'm always up for a good novel.  I tend to always judge a book by it's cover.  Unfortunately, sometimes I am wrong.  But a lot of times I am right, and this one looks good! 

James and the Giant Peach is a small chapter book that I figured my older 2 kids might read by themselves and otherwise it would be one that I'd be happy to read too them.

Gracie didn't go with us yesterday, so I'm hoping she might try and read this one.  I don't know if she's too old for this, but I thought it was a neat adapted version of this classic.  She doesn't enjoy reading like I do, so I'm hoping it might be more fun since it's illustrated. 

Amelia Bedelia is one of my favorite kid books.  She is so goofy and fun that I enjoy reading these with the kids.  If you haven't checked them out before you should.  You'll love them! 

I just read, 'The night before Kindergarten' to Emma this morning, and it is a really cute book.  This is the book that she picked out and really wanted even though she's going into 1st grade this year.  I tried to talk her out of this book at the store, but she was persistent.  I'm glad she was.  We will be reading this one over and over, and I may just replace the word Kindergarten for school or 1st grade. 

Jesse likes more of the comic book style of reading verses just a novel.  I am the complete opposite.  I have no desire to read comic books.  But if he's reading... what the heck.  Choose your battles, right?!  So this was his pick.

I would love to hear if you have a favorite book that you or your kids enjoy. I'm always on the hunt for good books.  :)

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