Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cows are home

  The cows are home!  They've been out to pasture this summer and have just been brought back.  They will feed off of the remaining feed in the field, and once that's down we'll move them back behind the ranch where they will be fed through out the winter.
 But since they are in the hayfield in front of our house for now, we have to run an electric fence to keep them out of our yard.

 They hang out in the field.  They also hang out on our driveway quite a bit.  They will just stand there or sometimes lay down and rest.  They are quite the road block.  They are also the reason that from now until they are put out in the back pasture that my car will consistently have cow manure on it, from driving up and down our lane.  Life on a ranch...

Doesn't she look happy to be out in the field?  With her markings, it makes it look like she's smiling.

  Here is a picture of our house and our long lost friends.  They will come right up to the electric fence.  Most know what it is, so they know to stay back.  But touching it just one time, reminds them or teaches the baby's where their boundaries are.  (It's not too bad, as I've even touched it before, just to make sure it's working.)  Every once in a while, we'll get a calf or two that sneaks in or knocks it down, then I have to fix it and make sure it's working again.

 Welcome home cows! 

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