Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Relaxing weekend at Flathead lake

  We went up to Flathead lake to visit Dan's family and to enjoy the lake one last time this summer.  It was cold and rainy on Saturday.  But we got up early, went into Big Fork to walk around and have lunch.  Then we came back and sat inside watching a movie and reading our books.  It was really peaceful and relaxing.  It is so beautiful up there!  I forgot my camera, so I was only able to take pictures with my phone.
 Dan decided he wanted to take the kids for a small boat ride.  I though he was crazy, but I went along with it.  The kids had a blast riding over the rough water.  They love hitting the waves in the boat.  Me, I still thought they were all crazy.  I'd rather have sat under my blanket on shore just watching the waves.  You can see in the picture below how stormy the sky looked.  The water splashing up is from the side of the boat after we hit a wave.  I thought it was a neat picture.
 Sunday ended up being a lot nicer out... we had blue sky!  It never warmed up enough for me to put my swim suit on... but the kids did, and had a blast.  This time, Dan and his Dad took the kids out in the boat and I was able to sit by the dock and get some reading in.
 As much as I am holding on dearly for Summer to stick around.  I know it is inevitable, so I'm trying to embrace the coming season.  I'm thinking maybe after I get a couple new fall scented candles, and start looking at some fall recipes, I'll be able to welcome it a little bit easier.  :)