Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Happenings

Friday afternoon, Gracie, Emma and I headed into Missoula for Gracie's basketball tournament.  Emma was going to stay home, but decided she didn't want to miss out on all the fun. 

Melissa and her girls also rode in with us and then we met up with more friends for lunch.

Girl time is the best!

 After lunch we went Prom dress shopping.  I love having friends who have high school aged girls, and not just because I get to shop for prom with them.  ;)

That evening, we met up with my sisters and their families to celebrate my older sister, Lindy's birthday.
Mexican food for the win.

After dinner, we all headed to the hotel to check in and let the kids swim for a bit.  After they were done swimming, it was time for the Mama's to relax with a glass or 2 of wine.
They may kill me for posting this picture.  Eeek!  But how often do we get to have sleepovers once we're adults.  Pretty much never.  So this was fun.

 The next morning, we got up and headed to the gym to watch the girls play.
 It was a long day.  Their games were at 10:30, 4:30, and 6:00.   By the time we left Missoula, it was 8:00, which meant that we didn't get home until 10:00.  Super late for this lady, and now it's Monday morning, and I'm still tired.  Ha!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

 Well, this week flew by quick.  The kids don't have school today, and later this afternoon Gracie and I are headed out of town, so we'll be ready for her game tomorrow.  We have friends who will be riding in with us, and then there is a big group of us that will be staying at the same hotel.  Should be fun!  :) 

Dan will stay behind with the other two kids and go to Jesse's game on Saturday.  Lots going on.
Onto Friday favorites... I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci.

I decided to post a few of my favorites, that I've found off of Pinterest.


Salted Carmel Cheesecake Cupcakes
 Tell me these don't look good.  Yum!


I am loving this outfit!
Check out the source link above, to see all the fun details.


Aren't these dice fun.  I'm hoping to show Dan this picture and see if he can make these for me.  I'm happy to paint the dots on them, if he'll just get them all cut out.  How fun would it be to play a dice game of some sorts out in the yard.  Fun for both adults or kids.


This cheat sheet, looks super helpful.  I have only just dipped my feet into this oil business.  There is so much more that I need and want to learn, but it's a lot.  Trying to keep it all straight is a bit overwhelming, so I'm just still taking baby steps.  I've just started looking for more articles on how to use the oils I have, and Pinterest seems to have quite a few.


And I posted this yesterday, but it just cracks me up and is definitely a favorite.  Sadly, I feel this is me sooner than later.  Haha!  Dang hearing issues.  At least they make for some funny conversations.

Click here to see more that I've pinned on Pinterest.

Enjoy your weekend ladies!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday on a Thursday

Get ready to say goodbye to February, because just like that, we're already at the last Wednesday Thursday of the month.  Crazy, isn't it?!

Since it's the last Wednesday Thursday of the month, I'm here to share my What's Up Wednesday post.  Linking up again with Shay, Mel & Sheaffer.

I meant to get this post out yesterday, but my best friends Father in law passed away, and this blog of mine was nowhere near a priority.  So a Thursday, What's Up Wednesday post is what you get.  I almost skipped it, but decided, I wanted to write it even just for myself.  I know I will enjoy looking back on these years down the road. 

What we're eating this week

Taco's, pizza, and lasagna.  Normally I enjoy cooking dinner, but lately I haven't felt very inspired to cook, so I'm keeping it simple.

What I'm reminiscing about

 I've been reminiscing about the days when I still had a nice stomach before I had kids.  Just thinking about summer and wanting to fit into a swimsuit, has me frowning in the mirror a lot.  ;)

I've started adding things to a "Get Fit" board on Pinterest.  You can check out what I've pinned so far by clicking here.  And if you're on Pinterest, I'd love to check out your boards as well.

What I'm loving

We've had a couple of nice days lately, where the sun has peaked through.  There's not much I love more than warm sun shining on my face.
This was my drive home from town today.  I often take for granted the beauty of where I live, as I drive this road daily.  But today with the sun shining, I was counting my blessings.

Also, I'm loving this...
It cracks me up, maybe because I see this happening sooner that I ever thought.  Haha!

What we've been up to

 Gracie got her braces on last week.  Her mouth was pretty sore, but she seems to be doing better now.

The kids are finishing up their bowling season.  Only 2 more Sundays and then our Sunday afternoons will be cleared up.  Woohoo!

None of my kids wanted to sign up for Spring sports, so we are pretty flexible.  I'm hoping we can get out and ride bikes, take walks and just enjoy the outdoors.

What I'm dreading

Emma has a cavity, so we've got to make another trip to the Dentist.  I feel bad that she has to have her tooth worked on.  I always wish it was me instead.  Not that I would look forward to it either.

What I'm working on

Dan and I were hoping to take a trip with the kids over spring break, but we haven't been able to narrow down where to go.  There are so many different places we'd like to visit, but when you look at taking 5 people, it gets expensive.  Especially, because a lot of hotels don't accommodate for more than 4 people, unless you are looking to book 2 rooms.  Which is awful, because it instantly doubles the hotel price.  Yuck!  So we are still looking around. 

What I'm excited about

I'm excited for Spring break.  Even if we don't go anywhere or do anything big over break, I am excited to just have some down time with the kids. 

What I'm watching/reading

  I just finished, 'For The Love' by Jen Hatmaker.  The first half of the book was okay.  There were a couple of chapters that I really liked and then there were chapters that were just okay.  But I really liked the second half of the book.  There were a couple of chapters, that I felt I could have written myself, because I could relate so much to what she was saying.

And of course, I've still been watching the Bachelor.  I don't get sucked into many shows, but this one, I'm completely addicted to.  I know it's silly, but it's so much fun to watch.

Dan and I have also been watching Dateline lately.  Creepy and interesting.  I don't mind a good mystery as long as I'm not scared.  If it's scary, there's no way I'll watch.  I don't have time to be jumping at my own shadow all the time.  ;)

What I'm listening to

 My favorite song at the moment is, God Is On The Move, by 7eventh Time Down.  If you haven't heard it before, look it up.  So so good!  Every time I hear it, my hands are in the air and it makes me want to jump up and start praising Him.  It's my instant feel good song.  And who doesn't like those kind of songs!  :)

What I'm wearing

It's Montana, people.  I wear jeans 9 months out of the year.  It has to at least be in the 70's before I'll even think about changing out for something cooler.  But it has been unseasonably warm for February, so twice I have worn flats, which is huge.  Because 1 it has to be warm enough, and 2 we can't have snow.  Which at the moment is true for both.  It's been in the low 40's lately, so it's funny that we think it's unseasonably warm.   Be jealous!  Ha!  ;)

What I'm doing this weekend

Both Jesse and Gracie have basketball tournaments... in two different towns, in two different directions.  I watched Jesse last weekend, so this weekend I'll go watch Gracie play and Dan will go with Jesse.  

It's also my sisters birthday this weekend, so hopefully we'll get in some sister time.

What I'm looking forward to next month

I'm hoping if the weather stays nice, that I can talk Dan into bringing our camper back home, so we can get it all set up.  We go back and forth whether we want to sell it or not, but we all love it when we make time for it.  It's good for us to get away for the weekend as a family and not be distracted by lawns that need mowed, chores that need done, or even just our silly electronics.  So I'm hoping we get it out soon and use it.  That is, if it doesn't snow again.

What else is new

Not much... just living life.


Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's been a long week, and I'm feeling a bit behind on everything.  So the weekend couldn't have come at a better time.  Granted our weekends aren't that quiet right now either, but maybe I'll be able to get caught up on a few things.

So on to Friday Favorites...


Christina emailed me to let me know that I'd won this cute little necklace and bracelet, in her giveaway.   Isn't it pretty!  I'm super excited!  I love giveaways, which has me thinking, it's about time I do my own giveaway around here.  Stay tuned.


I'd been eyeing these leopard flats, by Lucky.  When I went to check them out again yesterday, they were on sale, so I scooped them up.  I can't wait to wear them once all the snow and mud are gone. #goawaywinter


no original source
I am loving this look I found off Pinterest.  It's the most basic style and I'm ready.  Favorite jeans and a simple tee.  Oh, how I'm ready to lose the vests, jackets and layers.  Bring on nice weather and simple outfits.



I love this little quote I ran across.  I think it would be a good one to put on a mini canvas and sign Mom at the bottom of it. 


This pretty much sums me up today.  I guess I need to reread the previous quote a couple more times.  Haha!  ;)

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I hope you all have a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Things To See And Do In Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden was never a place I had thought much about, or ever planned to visit.  Oh uninformed and uneducated me.  Was I in for a huge surprise.  It is gorgeous!  I can now say, that it is one of my favorite places, that I have ever visited.

We were in Stockholm for 4 days and we tried to take in and see as much as we possible could.  Here is a list of things that saw or did, that I believe are a must.

1.  Old Town Stockholm

Old Town Stockholm, is absolutely gorgeous!  It is said that parts of Old Town are dated back to the 1400's.  Beautiful cobble stone streets, darling little shops, and gorgeous architecture.  Have I mentioned, it's gorgeous?

As we walked through the streets, I felt as if I could be transported back to the 1400's, and almost hear the sounds of wooden carts being pushed up and down the cobble stone streets by different merchants.   You will do a lot of walking, so make sure and wear comfortable shoes.

2. The Royal Palace

I'd never been to a palace before, so this was high on my list of things to do.   I could have stayed and explored the whole day.  We walked through the whole thing (which took us a good couple of hours) and when we were done, I turned to Dan and said, "Let's go back through one more time."  Haha!  I can still see the look on his face.  Of course, I was kidding, but in all seriousness, I couldn't get enough of amazing the architecture.

3.  Eat.  

Food makes up so much of each culture.  Sit down and see what they have to offer.  Don't just swing through a quick diner for a regular old cheese burger.  I would highly recommend, stopping in little cafe's for a fun lunch, or stopping in a fancy restaurant for dinner.  One thing we noticed that was very different, was when we were done eating, we usually had to flag down our waiter or waitress.  They weren't trying to rush us out and give us our check as soon as they cleared our plates.  They were letting us dine as long as we desired, even if there was a line of people waiting to be seated.  

4.  The Vasa Museum

If you love history, you will love visiting the Vasa Museum.  This ship was built for the King, and on the day that it was set to sail, it sunk.  It lay in the water for over 300 years, before being pulled out and set up on display.

It's such a neat piece of history.  We were really surprised how large this museum was.  They had so many different displays and artifacts, that you could easily spend half a day here.

5.  Shop

Yes, that's right.  I said it.  Go shopping!  Granted, most of us can't buy everything we see or want.  But it's fun to check out the different souvenirs and knickknacks, as well as the different styles of clothing from each area.

After spending a couple of days in Stockholm, Dan and I swung into an art gallery and picked up a couple of pieces of artwork, that we loved and that would remind us of our trip.  I'm hoping to get them framed and hung up soon.

While on this trip, we heard someone say, "If not now, then when?"  That ended up being Dan and I's motto the rest of the trip.  I don't know if we'll ever make it back to Sweden, (even though I would love to) but at least we know that we soaked up as much of their culture as we could, and enjoyed every minute of it.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Life Lately

Since I missed posting all of last week, I figured I better catch up with a life lately post.  We haven't been doing anything extraordinary.  In fact it's been quite ordinary, which is usually just how I prefer it.

I've been making time to sit down with a cup of coffee and read for a bit in the afternoons.  We always say, "You can't do it all."  Well, it's true.  But since I neglected blogging all week, I had extra time, where I was able to get in some reading, and it felt good.  Next to the beach, this is my happy place.
A book, a blanket and a coffee, equal a happy me.

I was running low on windshield washer fluid, and I figured it was a good time to show Gracie how to add in some more.  She should have her drivers license within the next two years, and I don't think it hurts to start learning some things early.  There will be less to learn, when the time comes, right?!

My friend Sunny and I headed into Missoula one morning.  She said she'd help me pick out some new glasses.  We decided on one, and then for fun, tried on some that we'd never wear.   The ones we are wearing in the picture were in the new release section.  Really???
 It's a good thing, we're still young enough to take ridiculous selfies and laugh at ourselves.
Now these sunglasses... they on the other hand, scream for a road trip. 

 The kids and I headed back into Missoula a different day for their Dentist appointments.  Red Robin sundaes for the win.

 Someday, I'm hoping that this boy of mine, will smile without his sisters help.

I couldn't even get a smile out of Gracie.  She said she wasn't smiling, because she didn't have time to put on any make up that morning.  Haha!  1 out of my 3 kids smiled... I'll take it, and try again next time.

One day last week, my Mom called me, and told me that she was headed to town for her hair appointment, and that one of the cows was prolapsing.  Great!  She needed me to be in charge until she got back.  She was waiting to see if she could get the Vet to come down, otherwise we'd have to load the cow up and take her to a different Vet. 
This is me checking in on her.  Like I'd know what to do.  Eeek!  Don't worry, eventually the Vet did show up and stitched her up, until she starts to calve in the next couple of weeks.  I'm thinking that maybe I should get a certified midwifery license or something.  All this calving is serious business.  ;)


Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Well, hello Friday!

Today, I thought I'd mix it up a bit.  Instead of showing some of my random favorites, I decided to share a couple of my favorite looks that I've found at Athleta.  We haven't had a store near us, until just recently, (by near us, I mean 2 hours away.)  Even though it's a bit pricier, a girl can dream right?!   Or at least splurge on a piece now and then.


I picked up this jacket on Monday, and I LOVE it.  It was a complete splurge, but to justify it, I did use some Christmas money that I had left over.  Green is my favorite color to wear, and I never seem to find it.  So when I saw this baby, I was all over it.  It looks so much better in person.



I love this solid blue maxi dress.  It looks like the perfect vacation/summer dress.  I love how you could dress it up for a fun night out or keep it super casual during the day.


I'm a tankini girl, through and through, and I think this one is really cute.  Tell me I'm not the only one already looking for swimsuits!


I am dying for some fun spring colors.  I'm loving the color of this shirt with white bottoms.  Hurry up Spring!


I don't really wear much for skirts or skorts, but I think this one is super cute.  Pair it with a black tank, and it would be casual, but fun.
Btw... this is not a sponsored post.  I'm just dreaming of warmer weather, and thought I'd share some fun looks that I've found. 

Linking up with with Andrea, Erika & Narci.

Have a great weekend!