Friday, June 6, 2014

School is out!

School is out!  Bring on Summer Vacation! 

 Wahoo!  :)

We are ready for road trips, camping, picnics and nice weather.  We are getting the camper ready in case we can talk Dan into taking us camping this weekend.  The kids have already been working on cleaning it out this morning.  

Gracie is scheduled to have her tonsils removed next week.  So we are ready for a little fun before then.  Hopefully we can also get down to the library and get some reading material.  The library in town has a fun reading program over the summer.  You put your name in a drawing each week to win prizes if you make your weekly reading goal. They even have one for us adults.  Not that I need any incentive to read.  My kids don't really enjoy reading, which is frustrating since I love to.  But I'm hoping eventually they will learn to like it.  I don't know how to make my kids like to read.  I've always read to them which they liked when they were little.  But even if I offer to read to them now, they aren't really interested, nor are they interested in reading to themselves.  I guess it's time I do a little research on this.  Maybe there are some good ideas online.  Or if anyone happens upon this and has any ideas... I'm all ears!  :)

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