Monday, June 16, 2014

Friday Evening

  Friday evening, Dan and I left my Mom in charge of the kids and we went into town to a new outdoor bar and grill.  They were having a soft opening and had sent out a few private invites through out the community.  I've never been to something like this, but it was fun.  It was a chance for them to test the waters and see what they needed to change or fix before they open their doors to the public.

  When we got there, we were handed a menu and I was soooo surprised and excited to see that they didn't have any fried food.  In our little community there are only a handful of little bar/restaurant's and most have the same kind of menu.  You can get your burger, fries, appetizer platters...  Which on some days is just fine, because who doesn't like a cheese burger and fries, or jalapeno poppers and cheese sticks.  But some days... you just want something different.

  Thankfully, different has arrived!  :)  This is the skewer appetizer that we ordered.  Very light and yummy.  

I ordered a panini which was really good.

And I can't remember what they called this that Dan ordered but it was really good as well.  Usually when we go out to eat somewhere different we will both order and plan to split the food between us. And that's what we did here.  It's fun because we get to try more than one thing.  We'll definitely be going back again once they open.