Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Horses, horses and more horses

It is Spring, and that means it is time to be out riding horses and getting them tuned up again.  This is Ranger that I'm on.  He's my favorite to ride if nobody else wants to.  Especially when we are out working with the cows.  He sees the cows and is ready move them.  Makes it fun that he doesn't shy off from them.

These 3 are the babies.  They are still too young to ride, but they are fun to watch.

The sun was setting the other night when I grabbed these pics.  This is the edge of the pasture that we have a few of the horses in for now, and on the other side is the field where they have planted new seed.  It was beautiful out.  I love how green everything is in the Spring.

And this here is my Ruby.  I thought she looked beautiful with the sun shining on her mane and tail.

  I snapped this picture of one of our family friends.  He is in the Army and was home on leave.  I thought it was a fun picture.  The editing that I used reminded me of the old western pictures. 

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