Tuesday, June 24, 2014


  I had a Pampered Chef party last night at my house.  I am not a natural when it comes to hosting parties.  Maybe because I tend to be a worrier.  What's there to be worried about, right?!  I pulled it all off and had everything set up in the front yard.  We had a table for snacks and drinks and we had a table for the nice lady to set up her Pampered Chef items.  Anyway, the lady, my friend Melissa and I went into the house to grab a couple of last minute items before the guests started to arrive.  We were just in there for a minute and we look out the window and I see one of my dogs had gotten out of the back yard and is out front.  Both dogs dug underneath their gate and have decided to join the party.  I get them and put them in the garage, because I can't have two big dogs wrecking my party.  Go back out to check damage control... and yes they've eaten all the crackers that I had lined up along one half of a plate of dip.  Nice!  I thought this kind of thing only happens in movies.  You know like Homeward Bound, or Beethoven.  Not real life.  In real life dogs don't sneak out of the backyard and eat food off your tables 5 minutes before guests arrive, or maybe they do!  I put my head down in shame, carry my tray of dog eaten food inside and show the nice lady and Melissa what my dogs have done.  Then we laugh... because again, who does this happen to!!!  What's a girl to do, so we scraped off the side of the dip that was on the side they had gotten to.  Rearranged new crackers and had it on the table in time for my guests to arrive.  Thankfully I had other snacks that my dogs didn't get into that my guests could munch on, just in case they didn't want to partake in the dog dip.

 Here are the mugshots of the 2 culprits.  

Roxy Age 4

Lucy Age 3
 Both guilty as charged!  ;)

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