Monday, June 30, 2014

Gracie's 12th Birthday

  Gracie turned 12 yesterday!
 I wanted to take a few pictures of her yesterday, now that she's 12.  She paused her show and ran outside so I could snap a few.  I thought she looked like she kept squinting her eyes, so I kept telling her to open her eyes and quit squinting.  Which she didn't think she was.  Then I had Dan take a few of us, and I am squinting in every single one.  I guess we are just natural squinters.  But since squinting is all we got, I decided that I'm just going to be thankful for them anyways.  :)

We had a very quiet, low key day.  We asked Gracie if she wanted to go out for breakfast.  She said she'd rather have her Dad make her some french toast, since she thinks his is the best anyways.  Then after Church we asked if she wanted to go to lunch and she said she just wanted to stay home.  Which works for me, since we were just out of town visiting Dan's parents and now have a busy week ahead of us.  Home is a nice place to be!  :)
So thankful for this child of mine.  She's got the biggest heart and is always teaching and challenging me.  I love you Gracie May! 

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