Wednesday, June 11, 2014


  We went in Monday night to stay over because Gracie was scheduled Tuesday morning to get her tonsils out.  We decided to just take her in and leave the other kids with Aunts and Uncles so that we could be available to just focus on Gracie.  But an hour before we left she said that she needed her cousin Belle to come with her.  We figured if that would help her through this, we were good with it.  Belle and Gracie are only 8 months apart in age and have always been close.  They are either best friends or fighting like sisters.  ;)

We went out to eat at the Mustard Seed, which was Gracie's choice for dinner.  We laughed because when we opened our fortune cookies, her's said something like, "Just go for it."  She was pretty nervous to have this surgery done, so it was funny to have the fortune cookie say that.  

After dinner we headed back to the room to let the girls swim and then we had Dan run and get us Dairy Queen afterwards.  I am thankful that these girls have each other. 

At the hospital the nurses and Dr.'s were so great.  They gave both of the girls little gifts and were very sweet to them.  

 The surgery went good.  They didn't keep us too long, and we were discharged and able to get her back home yesterday afternoon and now hopefully she is on the road to recovery.  I'm hoping the next two weeks fly by and before we know it, she'll be up and running around and we can get back to our summer plans.  I hate seeing my kids sick or hurting.  It's such a helpless feeling for a parent.  But I know we have lots to be thankful for and hopefully this will help her stay healthier during the school year.

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