Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Redemption Series

    I had started a page on this blog, that I've called book reviews.  I was hoping to write my thoughts on the books that I've read this year.  Well... I have done awful at getting them written down.  I have read tons of books.  So instead of just dumping them out all on one post, I thought I'll try and write about one a week until I get caught up, except these ones.  Since they are in a series I'll post them all here.

  The first book that I had written about was called Redemption.  I liked it a lot and ended up reading the rest these in the series.

Remember #2

 Return #3
 Rejoice #4

Reunion #5

I'm not going to write about each of these books in the series, because I feel that if you read the first book and liked it, you will want to read the rest of these 4 as well.  I feel that all 4 of these are written just as good as the first.  Karen Kinsbury really pulls you into the books and makes you feel for each of these characters and the different trials that they all face.  The nice part about this series is that if you have a favorite character in one of the books, you get to revisit that character through out all of these books.  The only draw back to these books for me, would be the fact that they stressed me out too much.  :)  I had to read them all to have closure and peace of mind. 

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