Friday, July 29, 2016

Show Us Your Home: Bonus Room

I'm linking up with Kelly again, and today is show us your bonus room or play room.

Our bonus room is more of an extra living room.  This is where the kids play their video games, watch movies (they usually prefer to watch them downstairs though), play on their computer, and host their sleep overs.

 The door leads into Gracie's room.  She has the only bedroom upstairs.  When we'd built this house we only built it with 3 bedrooms.  2 weeks after we moved in, we realized we were expecting Emma.  The girls shared a bedroom for a long time, and then we eventually added a room on upstairs.  It used to be one big open area upstairs until her room was added in.

In the back corner there are a couple of doll houses and a box of legos.  There are two doors... one leads to our storage room and the other to an unfinished bathroom.

I am thankful that we have the upstairs for the kids to hang out in, but it's also a place that drives me crazy.  The kids like to sneak food and drinks up, and if I'm not constantly checking it, it looks like a tornado went through.  Someday it will stay picked up, and then what will I do with all my spare time?  ;)

Here is the schedule for the rest of the home tours.  Only 2 weeks left... kitchens and back yards.
Below are links to the other rooms that I've shared.


This summer has flown by.  I hope you're all taking advantage of it, and that you all have fun weekend plans.


  1. Love it Jenny!! Your house is so clean and fresh!!!

  2. Of course you know I like seeing that Hawks blanket! Great space for the kids to hang and play.

  3. Love, love, love the wood ceiling! My parents have a beam ceiling that I begged them for years to paint..I'm so glad that they didn't listen to me, because I love them now! Yours is so warm and fresh at the same time!

    1. Thank you! We were torn on whether to do the whole house like this or not, so we compromised and did the upstairs in wood, and the downstairs with the white wainscoting. A little of both worlds.

  4. How cool is that room?! That's great for the kids! I can totally picture some awesome sleepovers there.