Friday, July 1, 2016

Show Us Your Master Bedrooms: Home Tour

I'm linking back up with Kelly for the home tours, and today is, show us your master bedrooms.

We couldn't decide what color to paint our room when we first built our house almost 10 years ago.  We ended up going with a cream color, and decided later on we'd repaint once we knew what we wanted.  Well, we are terrible, because we've never liked the color but after all this time we have yet to repaint it.  Picking a paint color seems like such a big thing to decide on.  I want something neutral enough that I can switch out my bedding, without having to repaint each time.
I'm still torn on the bedding we have now.  I have a hard time trying to find something that I like without it being too feminine.  This is supposed to be Terracotta, but I worry it looks pink?  Tell me it looks Terracotta.  ;)

We bought these night stands from Target years ago, just to have something.  They've served us well, but I'm ready to upgrade them and get something a bit bigger and something that has drawers.

I used to have my stationary bike sitting below those windows, so I could exercise and watch TV.  We eventually moved it up stairs, but now I have this area I need to do something with.  I either want to get two chairs with a coffee table in the middle or maybe a small loveseat.  I'm not sure yet...  I also need to buy curtains for all of the windows and the door.  I need to put some time into this room, and just finish it.

All of our furniture is either from Costco or Target.  We've just picked up a piece here and there.  Thankfully, we haven't had to spend a lot, and they seem to go together okay.
Here's the schedule if you are wanting to play along in the home tours or if you're wanting to come back and check out more rooms.  Next week will be kid rooms.

Below are links to the other rooms that I've shared.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

See you all back here, next week.



  1. Ohhh add two chairs and a small side table to that window area - I bet you will love it. I can picture you reading your Bible with a mug of coffee in that window!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh good! Pink, just wouldn't do! :)

  3. I see terra cotta! :) You have a beautiful room with lots of nice moulding.

    1. That makes me feel better! And thank you! :)

  4. Looks so crisp, clean and cozy! I had a rough time finding something that wasn't too feminine also. Yours doesn't look pink. I had the EXACT same issue with some bedding I bought right after we got married that looked pink once I got home. Hey I bought a bedside table from Wayfair and loved it! They also have decent prices.