Wednesday, July 13, 2016

33 Things That Make Me Happy

Happiness can be as simple as a cup of coffee and the right attitude:

When I think of what makes me happy, this is what I came up with...

Fresh brewed iced tea

A new book
The sound of rain on a tin roof

Eating veggies straight out of the garden


Traveling with Dan

The ocean


A glass of wine in the evening

Good Mexican food

Being up in the mountains

My family


 The sound of sprinklers watering the lawn

Lemon meringue pie

Historical buildings

 Saxophone solos

 Having my laundry all caught up

Laughing with friends

My morning coffee


Playing cards

When my house is clean & tidy

My favorite scriptures


Vacations with my family

Rainy days at home

Romantic comedy's


Looking through family photos

Watching my kids master a new skill

Hot summer days on the water

Family game nights

There are so many things that can distract us from seeing and enjoying the good things in life.  Today I choose to be happy!  What's something simple, that makes you happy?



  1. I wish I could have a glass of wine in the evening with you! Sounds delightful! We're so similar, list would be close to the same!

  2. I stopped agreeing after about 10 things!! Yes - to so many!! Mexican food, summer days on the water, family, scriptures and laughter all top my list!!

  3. So many of these things make me happy too! I'm with Kelli, a glass of wine with you out on the porch sounds fantastic! Great conversation would ensue I'm sure.