Monday, July 25, 2016

A Weekend At The Lake

Friday after Dan got off work, we headed up to the lake.  Dan's parents have a house on Flathead lake that we get to enjoy during the summer. We had dinner with his family, and then they all headed back up to Kalispell, and we sat and enjoyed the weather.  There was a bit of rain and thunder, and we ended the night with this view from our bedroom window.  This is a hard view to beat.

The next morning we got up and enjoyed our coffee from the deck.  I would pay big bucks to wake up and enjoy coffee like this every morning.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.

I taught Dan and the kids how to play Domino's.  They love it and they're all hooked.

By 10:30 we were out on the boat.  Saturday was a bit cooler but Sunday was really nice

Dan pulled the kids on the tube.

Then a little while later he submarined them.  Ha!  They were not too happy about it.  They said the water was freezing. 

On Sunday I asked if Dan or the kids would try and take a picture of me.  I've been wanting a new profile picture that isn't a selfie, but I never like how any picture of me turns out.  This is the best that I got.  I laugh because I look all posed.  I am a million times more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, and it shows!  Ha!

Dan snuck in for a couple of shots.  I sure love this guy of mine.

 Then he proceded to lick my face.  Jesse was taking the picture, and said, "Eww, Dad.  Stop!"  Haha!  And that was the end of picture taking.  :)

 Jesse and Emma were wanting a little henna design, so our Sister-in-law put these on for them.  They love them, and are wishing they were permanent.

Saturday night we went into Big Fork and watched Shrek the musical at the theater house.  Sunday was spent hanging out and visiting and then we headed home in time for bed.

This morning I've been busy getting laundry caught back up.  The kids and I, plus my niece and nephew are headed into Missoula tomorrow for the next couple of days.  The big girls have a volleyball camp.  I must be crazy taking 5 kids to a hotel by myself.  #sendwine  #ormarjaritas  ;)



  1. The pictures you take are amazing - and your new profile pic is beautiful!!! Great photo!! Love the tattoos - that is so fun!!

  2. That view is beautiful! It sounds like your summer is going great! Good luck this week!

  3. Wonderful relaxing weekend! You need it before this week!

  4. Haha! Yeah sounds like our kind of photo time. I never get the photos I want. I've been wanting to get some professional ones but haven't pulled the trigger. We went to the lake this weekend too! It was just a few hours on Saturday and my stepdad forgot the tube :-/ but the kids (and I) jumped off a tall cliff. :)

  5. That is seriously the perfect weekend! The weather is finally getting better here so I cannot wait to get out to the lake again.