Thursday, December 31, 2015

How To Follow Through With New Years Resolutions

Write it down.
Writing your goals down and looking over them daily or weekly is so important.  Otherwise a month goes by and you've been so busy you haven't even thought about them.  Pull out your sticky notes, or calendar and write them down where you'll see them.

Make a plan.
Making a plan to back up what you've written down is key.

If it's a trip you want to take, open up an additional account at your bank.  Name it your travel account and put money into it each month, or anytime you have a bit left over that you didn't spend from your budget the previous month.  Throw that in as well, and watch it grow little by little.  Just make a plan that's doable.  If you do nothing to see your goal through, the trip you want to take won't happen.

If you want to become more organized, what's your plan?  Just because you want it, doesn't mean it's going to happen.  You have to make it happen.  What's your plan? 

If you want to lose 10 pounds, then you have to make a plan to see it through.  The weight isn't just going to drop off without work.  What's your plan?

Get back up
If you are kicking yourself in March because you didn't stick to any of your resolutions, get back up.  Just because things haven't worked out for a month or two, doesn't mean you have to wait or should wait until January again.  Dust yourself off and get back in the game.  

New Years Resolutions, get all the blame and a bad name to boot.  All because we decide one day that we want to lose 10 lbs, take a family trip, and become more organized, etc.   Then the next day, we go back to our busy lives and chaotic schedules and later become frustrated that none of our New Years resolutions are playing out like we wanted them to... but we didn't put a plan in place to see them through.

I found this on Pinterest, and loved every single thing on the list.

My biggest personal goal this coming year is to ride my indoor bike.  I don't like to ride it at all, but if I don't build up the strength in my knees I could one day be looking at knee replacements like my mother has had, and that is not something that I want to do.  My knees aren't the best already, so riding a bike is the best thing for them, along with leg exercises.  

I am going to do my best.  I will probably start off slow and easy because, well... I'm out of shape, but I'm going to do it.  I might even post updates every once in a while to keep me motivated and held accountable.

I love January!  It's like a brand new notebook or a freshly sharpened pencil.  It's the perfect time to get our stuff together and get busy.

Life comes flying at us sometimes, and we don't always get a say in how things go.  But... for the things that we can control, lets make them great.

Will you be making New Years Resolutions?

Also, I'd love to hear any other advice you all might have for following through with them.


  1. I could not agree more about January being like a new notebook - so excited for a nice fresh start! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love these tips!! I heard today to focus on what is good in your life that can be enhanced instead of focusing on negative, love that too!

  3. You know I love goals! Setting goals, or resolutions, is all about being intentional. Great post Jenny! I'll be cheering you on with the bike. I'm always here for support if you need it.

  4. These are such great tips! And I love that photo - those are really great...all things that I want to do. Good luck with riding the indoor bike. I really wish I had one!