Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello December

Is it just me, or does December make everyone want to be lazy?  I feel like all I want to do lately, is curl up with a book, a cup of coffee, and just sit by the fire.

I got the kids out to the bus this morning. Tidied the house back up.  Emptied the dishwasher, and now I'm back in my lazy December mood.  This is one of those days, where I will have to bribe myself to get things done.  I'll have to tell myself that if I hustle and get XYZ done, then I can sit and read guilt free for 20 minutes.  I have to keep this up through out the day, because... well... because I'm immature, it seems.  Haha! 

Does anyone else out there understand this craziness?  I think it's just part of being a stay at home mom.  A stay at home mom, who has to continue to self motivate all day, every day.  I know some mom's probably aren't like this.  Maybe they have all the motivation in the world.  Me... I got my own system.  ;)

If you get 20 minutes in your day to do something you love, what do you usually choose to do?


  1. Normally I'd say yes, but yesterday I was so productive! But if I have 20 free minutes, I'd probably read or blog or something. I rarely have that time though, haha!

  2. Lazy days are seriously the best. If I had 20 minutes to myself today, I would sit and watch 20 minutes of tv in peace and quiet! haha =)

    1. They are rare, but when it works out... it's nice! :)

  3. I would love a lazy day...but then the guilt takes over and I just can't sit still!

  4. I totally get you! I have been feeling so lazy too! I think it's a combination of being cold and the holidays!:)

  5. I love when there's time to be lazy! I worked from home today and snuck in a half hour nap during lunch time haha! But I love grabbing a couple minutes to search Pinterest or scroll through my phone and just have some quiet time!