Wednesday, December 16, 2015

8 Days Until Christmas Eve

The countdown is on people.  We only have 8 days until Christmas Eve!  

And... I'm not done with my shopping!  Eeek!  

I haven't even wrapped one gift!  I know...  :( 

Don't ask if I've baked anything... because that hasn't happened yet either.  

Did I mention, 8 days until Christmas Eve?

Also, I had scheduled to have a couple of our carpets cleaned yesterday morning, so as we speak, my house is still torn apart waiting for the carpets to finish drying all the way.  I have 2 couches in my kitchen.  Emma's stuff is in my bedroom and her brothers room.  My office is crammed full.  It's crazy!  Who in their right mind, schedules anything extra into the holidays?! 

With as crazy as life seems right now, this makes me laugh.

I have today and tomorrow to get everything back under control.  We have a lot of stuff to fit into this weekend, and none of it involves finishing anything on my list.  Oh well... it's gonna be fine.  Somebody tell me it's gonna be fine.  ;)

Be blessed,


  1. Wow - brave woman to carpet clean now!! You can do it -- crunch time will get you through it!

  2. Knowing you, you'll get it all done. Sometimes the tight timelines can be motivating right?! :)

  3. You'll get it done! I'm not finished either. I can't for the life of me figure out what to get my dad. I have Kevin wrap the presents because he's actually REALLY good at it! :)