Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm doing my happy dance that it's Friday again!  I don't have much planned for this weekend.  We have church on Sunday and then the kids will bowl with their bowling league for a couple of hours.  Otherwise, we'll be taking it easy and hopefully getting a few things done around the house.



 It's time to get the men refreshed at this game.  With all this dreary weather, and being on a tight budget with all the Christmas shopping, game nights at home are the best.  I'm hoping my Sister and Brother in law will come over and verse Dan and I, at a game or 2.


Last night was family art night at the school.  My older two decided they didn't want to go, so I took Emma and my nephew in and met up with Dan.  They made snow globes, painted rocks and made these cool 'light clouds'.
I think they turned out really neat.  She hung hers up over her bed and then pretended to get struck by lighting.  Hahaha! 


My new desk.  Eeek!

 Last weekend, Dan and I found it and he was sweet enough to get it for me.  I've been using a Costco collapsible table for years, while searching for the perfect desk for my office.  I am so thankful and in love.  It fits perfectly!


Cesar salads.
I'm back on the Cesar salad kick.  I could have one of these every day for lunch.  So easy to put together, and it's something different rather than just having another sandwich.


I love these kind of Friday nights.  I'm quite happy being at home with my crazy crew.

Do you guys have big plans for the weekend?

I'm linking back up with Andrea, Erika, & Narci with my Friday favorites.

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  1. I love your desk! Looks like a perfect fit!! I can't wait to be off work for 10 days and play card games nonstop for the holidays. What fun!!