Friday, January 8, 2016

Life Lately

I've been struggling making time to blog this past week, so instead of fighting it, I just took a little break.  Sometimes it can't be helped, right?!

You all know how much I loved my last bible study by Beth Moore.   Well, my bible study leader and I teamed up and we added a second available study time.  This way we can offer it in the morning and the evening, so women who can't make one, can hopefully make the other.  She is still leading the study on Wednesday mornings, and I'm leading it on Tuesday evenings.  It has been a huge success so far.  Well, for our first week anyway.  We went from 5 women in our study to around 25 women.  Huge!
We are studying the book of Esther this time, and I'm hoping that we all love it as much as I loved the Thessalonians study.

I've also taken over the junior high, and high school Sunday school class at my church.  I don't really feel like this is necessarily my calling, but someone needed to step up and do it, so I'm doing it for now.  Our church is small and hasn't had a program for a couple of years.  Mainly because there hasn't been kids that age to teach.  Well there is now, so here we go.

I've been browsing Pinterest for different ideas, which has been fun.  I found this sign and I can't wait to make one like it and hang it in the class room.
I think it's fun, especially with all the social media that kids have now.  Hopefully they'll think it's cute.  Hopefully, I'm not just the old uncool lady who thinks it's cute, when they think it's lame.  Ha!  

We're definitely ready for the weekend at this house.  The kids have been bowling, going to youth group and we've started our year off with Dr. appointments for everyone.  It seems to be the time of year to get into the dentist and eye doctor,  plus we're getting ready to get Gracie into braces.

We've started our year off a bit busy, but I'm hoping it mellows out after we get back into our routine. 

So tell me the truth, is the sign lame?  :) 

Also, if you've done a Beth Moore study, which one was your favorite?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I'm glad you know where your priorities are Jenny. And it's definitely with Jesus more than anything.