Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

January has flown by.  More so than usual it seems.  Is it just me or does it seem hard to believe that it's the last Wednesday of the month?!  I'm linking up today with Shay, Mel, & Sheaffer to share my What's Up Wednesday for the month.

What we're eating this week

We had chicken enchiladas with Spanish rice, which is one of my favorites.  So good!  :)

What I'm reminiscing about

The warm weather.

I haven't minded winter as much this year, but I'm starting to get a bit antsy about wanting to get back into my capri's and flip flops.  It's gonna be a while still, so I'm trying not to reminisce on it too much.

What I'm loving

I'm loving this bible study on Esther.
So far, I'd say I liked the Thessalonians study better, but I have to keep in mind that they are two completely different books of the bible, so they're going to be different.  Regardless, I'm enjoying it, and our small group time.

What we've been up to

Basketball, bowling, sleepovers, bible study's, school, homework, reading, Orthodontist appointments, dentist appointments...  everyday life.

What I'm dreading

One thing I'm dreading, but also excited about is the fact that Gracie gets her braces on next month.  She gets a special mouth piece put in as well to help her overbite.  I feel bad that she has to get them, but I'm excited for her at the same time, to get going on this.  In the long run, I'm sure she'll think it's worth it.

What I'm working on

I've been doing some early spring cleaning and it feels so good.  I've went through a few cupboards and cleaned them out.  Dan and I tackled our storage room upstairs and got most of it done.  It just feels good to get a few places reorganized and then to know it's actually going to stay that way for a while... unlike the never ending laundry pile.  ;)

What I'm excited about

I filled out the paperwork to start the process of getting the kids passports.
Dan met up with the kids and I after school last Friday and we signed everything and got the paperwork sent off.  I'm excited for them to get their own passports, even if we don't end up going anywhere right away.  But I'm definitely hoping we get to use them sooner than later.

What I'm watching/reading

I've been watching the Bachelor again, because I can't help it.  Have any of you been watching this season?  Between Lace and Olivia, I can't help but laugh and cringe with every episode.

I've been reading, For The Love, by Jen Hatmaker.
This is one of those books where I can only read a chapter at a time.

I also picked this book up at the grocery store the other day and it looks like it's going to be good.  I'm only a couple of chapters in, and already I've found myself chuckling.  I LOVE a book that makes me laugh, or cringe or that is slightly awkward for both the characters and me.  Who doesn't need a bit more laughter in their life?

What I'm listening to

At the moment, I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee and the only sounds in the house are of me typing out this post and the wash machine in the background.  It's definitely peaceful around here at the moment.

What I'm wearing

This month has definitely been a month of vests for me.  I just don't feel like wearing a coat lately, and it hasn't been cold enough that I felt I had to, so vests it is.  I have a black one and a white one, but usually my black one wins out.  I throw a long sleeved shirt under it, pair it with some jeans and I'm set.  It's easy enough to accessorize with a fun scarf or some boots.

What I'm doing this weekend

Jesse has a basketball game on Saturday, that we'll go and watch.  Sunday we've got Church and then afterwards the kids have bowling.  This Sunday they have a Pepsi tournament, so us parents have to bowl with the kids, which will be fun.

What I'm looking forward to next month

I'm hoping this next month to head over and see my Mom's sister and her kids in Washington for a couple of days.  I'm not sure if it'll happen, but I'm really hoping it works out.  They are such a blast!  I can just sit down and be humored for hours.  Crazy weird things always happen to them, so they always have a million stories to tell.  We are still trying to get them to start wearing helmet cams, wherever they go.  ;)

What else is new

  I can't really think of anything new.  Life is just rolling along, and most days, things feel about the same.  I love fun and new things, but I also really just love our day to day life and wouldn't trade it for anything.  Being content is a good place to be.

I'm as nosy as the next person.  If you've linked up to this as well, let me know and I'll stop over and see what you've been up to as well.

Have a great day!



  1. Enchiladas for both of us! I have For The Love on my list. I'm borrowing my friend's copy to read! Love the vests...I really don't wear them often. I've been watching The Bachelor...I really like this season. Yeah Lace and Olivia are/were eh but I think I like more girls on the show than I ever have. There are some good ones in there!

  2. Love the puffer vest! I have an obsession with white vests and coats, haha!
    I'm watching The Bachelor too. I hope Olivia is gone next week. Tell me why you can only do 1 chapter at a time of that book. I've been thinking about reading it.

  3. I've been watching The Bachelor and oh man, that Olivia is really something! I hope you guys get to go somewhere fun with your passports!

  4. Bachelor - YESSSS! What a train wreck! That Olivia is a piece of work for sure! I'm sure looking forward to watching tonight again, though. Haha.