Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On the road again

Yesterday morning, Mom and I headed out of town bright and early.  She needed to drop off a bull at the Live Stock sale and I had made an eye appointment, so I could order more contacts.
I really wish I was comfortable hauling around a big trailer, but I'm not sure I ever will be.  I've pulled this one about 15 miles one day, but it was just a straight stretch on the highway.  I can do that.  But downtown with tons of traffic... yikes.  Thankfully, it doesn't faze Mom at all.  We pulled it to the mall, Target and Costco, like the rednecks that we are.  Haha!  ;)

Do you all remember the episode on Friends where Rachel has her eye exam?  Well, that is me!!!  Ha!  I have had glasses since I was in 2nd grade I think, and no matter how many times I've had to go get my eyes examined... I HATE when they blow the air into my eyes.  It's not so much the air itself, because it doesn't hurt.  But for the life of me, I can NOT keep my eyes open.  My eyes always clamp down, and I am literally trying to pry my eye open to look at the light while waiting for them to shoot it with air.  It is a really long and painful process for both me and them. 

I had to take my contacts out when I got there, so I could see nothing.  After the whole Rachel experience, I finally was led back to the exam room.  While waiting, I decided to take a stupid selfie... because who takes selfies when you can't even see the phone that you're taking your picture with.  Ha!

Later yesterday evening, after we had dinner,  basketball practice, and filled out our valentines for school, we all sat down to watch some HGTV.  We've loved watching all the "flip it" shows.  Even the kids were getting into them. 

The weather this winter has been so mild.  It was actually 53 degrees here the other day!  Dan and I are so thankful and we were talking about how we could really get used to these kind of winters!

And in other fun news... I am packing my bag for a little trip down South!  My Mom, Aunt and one of my cousins, had started to plan a trip.  Neither of my sisters were going to be able to make it, and since someone needed to even out the numbers, I volunteered to go along!  ;) 
We are headed to New Orleans on Friday.  So between now and then, I am busy trying to stay caught up on laundry, making sure the house is clean, getting valentine party stuff ready and prepping a bunch of dinners, so Dan won't have to worry about finding something for dinner while I'm gone. 

I've been to New Orleans once, (you can read about my last trip down there, here) but my Aunt never has, and it's one of the places that she's always wanted to see.  We are looking forward to some sunshine (hopefully) and some good food!!!

We will definitely be making a stop or two at Cafe Du Monde, but if anyone has any other recommendations, I'm all ears! 


  1. FUN!! I hope the weather is nice for you all. The Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium was closed for construction when I was there but it sounded neat,and I heard they let you eat bugs😳

  2. haha, i love that you compared this to friends!

  3. So jealous about your trip! It will be so fun!
    I'm surprised your eye Dr doesn't have the newer technology that didn't do the puff of air. The machine our doc has just comes up and barely touches your eye. No more air. I hated that too.