Thursday, February 5, 2015

Memory lane

I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane.  Back when we were engaged and married, camera's hadn't gone digital yet.  So most of these pictures had to be dug out of boxes from the upstairs.  Welcome back to 2000.  :)

Dan and I met in the summer right before my senior year.  He instantly became my best friend, and within 4 months of officially dating, we got engaged.  Yep... I was a senior in high school and engaged.  Ha!  Looking back I was so young, but it seemed the most natural thing to do.  I knew he was perfect for me.  We got engaged in November and started planning a summer wedding.  My friends were all going to be leaving for college by August and I wanted to make sure that they would be around, and I was so anxious to start my life with this man, that we decided on June.  My poor Mother!!!  She had my graduation party to plan for the end of May and my wedding to plan for the 16th of June.  Sorry Mom!  ;)

Here is our engagement picture that we had taken at Sears and put in our local paper to announce our engagement.  This pictures makes me laugh, because who poses like this?  This was one of the many pictures that made me want to be an outdoor photographer.

June 16, 2001
My Groom

We were married in our Church were I've attended since I was born.

After the ceremony we left the church and had our reception out at the local golf course.

Look at those two young kids.  Eeek! 

Honeymooned down in Cancun...

4 months later, I was pregnant!

 Gracie was born in June of 2002. 

2004 rolled around and Jesse arrived

2007 and Emma Jean completed our family

Here we all were in 2013.  My babies all growing up.

It has been a wild 14 1/2 years with this man.  We've both aged a bit, or a lot.  Haha!  ;)  We definitely aren't the same young kids that we once were.  Marriage isn't always a piece of cake or easy by any means, but I love where we are at right now and how far we've come.  I wouldn't trade this man for anyone else.  He puts up with my weird and quirky personality.  He's my rock... my safe place.  I can't imagine my life without him.  I guess that's how marriage is supposed to be, right?! 


  1. First I just have to say aw. Sweet post and photos of your family.
    Now, holy cow! You guys got married so young! I wasn't even out of college before you had 2 kids! Wow, you are way further in life than I am, haha! Finding love so young must have been awesome. I always wanted that. So happy for you guys. :)

  2. Wow! Love this!! Y'all were so young but it seems so perfect :) I love it! I'm the exact same age and feel so behind...haha. I got married 12 years after you :) Love how everyone's story is different and perfect in God's plan!

  3. Precious photos of your family! We married young too, but we worked together on my parents farm every day from the time we were 16 :) Marriage is hard work, but when you put in the effort, it gets better as the years go by! God bless!