Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap

What a weekend!  We got stuff done around the house, had fun and relaxed.  It was exactly what I needed. 

On Saturday, I let Emma bake cookies.  We had bought 2 tubs of cookie dough from our high schools NHS program, back before we had gone gluten free.  Well this cookie dough wasn't cheap, and I hated to let it just sit in the freezer forever.  So we broke our gluten free rule, and made yummy cookies.  Emma did it all and I just helped get them in and out of the oven.   It was also a good time to do it, because we had people coming over to watch the Seahawk game, so we couldn't eat them all by ourselves.

While I was cleaning out my office yesterday I came across this baby picture of Jesse.  I made him hold still so I could take a picture of him so I could do a side by side comparison.  Wearing his Seahawk gear then and now.  Just a 10 year difference.  He is a pretty confident boy and has big plans for his life.  He is planning to play college football for a couple of years and then get drafted into the NFL, and in that case he would only want to sign on with the Seahawks.  Guess I better start sending him to some football camps.  ;)
 A good chunk of the weekend was spent lying around reading my book and enjoying a cup of coffee.  Dan would come into the room and ask if I needed my coffee warmed up or to see if I needed a refill.  The one time he even brought in a cookie for me.  I told he had to stop encouraging my lazy behavior.  Ha!

The kids had bowling on Sunday afternoon.  As I was driving home, I decided to stop and take a picture.  I felt like a tourist standing by the side of the road, but this if my favorite part the drive between town and home, and I never stop to take a picture, so yesterday I did.  As pretty as it is, I can't wait until Summer, so we can get back out in the boat and enjoy the water. 

Gracie is growing up and becoming more and more independent.  She often goes off and does her own thing.  I have to really make a point of trying to slow myself down and seek her out.  You go from having kids hanging off of you when they're little, and your always trying to find things for them to do on their own so you can get something done, and then they grow up and you have to ask them hang out with you for a bit.
 It is crazy to see this girl of mine growing up so fast.  I swear she was just 2.  :(
I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Love that side by side of Jesse! And of course I love that he wants to only play for the Hawks. If only it was that easy right?! :)
    Glad you guys had a weekend. Now, maybe you can talk to my hubby about letting me have some quiet time to relax and read. HAHA!