Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Road trip to Seattle

Wow!  What a weekend!   
Saturday morning our bags were packed and we hit the road early, headed for Seattle.   We stopped in Selah and dropped Emma off with my Aunt and cousins.  She had no desire to go to the game.  She'd much rather go shopping and be spoiled.  Which she was...  :) 

Once we got to Seattle, we checked in at our hotel, and then walked around for a bit.  We stopped in one of the pro shops.  Then we walked up or down, (I don't know what you'd say... I have no sense of direction when I'm in a city, put me in the mountains, Haha) the street and played at the arcade while we waited for our table to be ready next door.

Dinner at The Cheese Cake Factory.  We figured it was our winning tradition.  We had eaten dinner there last year for the NFC championship, and the Seahawks won.  If it works...  Anyway, we laughed when our server came over to our table, because he was our sever from last year as well.  Of course he didn't remember us, but we recognized him.  We told him he must be good luck as well.

Everything on their menu looked good, but I decided to try the fish tacos.  It's something I can't get around here.  They were okay.  I've only ever had fish tacos in Hawaii, so only having them, to compare to, it just wasn't the same.  But their Lemon Meringue pie Cheesecake... to die for!!! 

Sunday morning, we got up early and headed down closer to the stadium to get breakfast.  The concierge at our hotel told us about this little 50's style cafe.  It's called Planet Java.  He said not too many people know about it since it's just a little "hole in the wall place."  When we got there, there was no line and we just walked in, but by the time we came out, here was the line.  

Jesse was done with having his picture taken. 

After breakfast, we walked around the stadium a bit and then went to find Tiffany so I could meet her.  She blogs over at A Touch of Grace, and she is constantly inspiring me to get my butt moving and get to exercising.  Her and her husband are both diehard Seahawk fans and went to the Super Bowl last year and are already making plans for this coming one.  Bless her heart, I had to call her 3 different times and say, so now where do I go, which street do I turn on, did I already pass that?  Haha!  Add to it all, that it was pouring down rain, and I looked like a drowned rat.  But we found her.  She was so sweet, and just like what I imagined she'd be.  We only got a chance to chat for just a minute, since Dan and I had the kids with us, and we'd promised to take them to the pro shop.  But it was awesome meeting her.

Before the game started, we got up close to take a picture and watch some of the players run out and practice.

When Russell Wilson, ran out, Gracie started crying.  I think she was a little "star struck".  This was her first game, so it was exciting to see it all through her eyes.

Dan's brother and his wife also made it to the game and they sat a couple rows in front of us.  I tried to get a picture of all 3 of the guys.  Jesse again wasn't smiling, and Jeff was trying to get him to.

Here was our view.  We had great seats.  It was pouring down rain, on and off.  I was so thankful for poncho's and ear plugs.  There is a fan that sat behind us that had the loudest, most piercing whistle I have ever heard.  He knows it's loud, so he offers earplugs.  Dan has sat in this area before, so he had already picked us up some.  Ha!

Gosh, it was such a bittersweet game!  It was so fun to be at the game, because we love our Seahawks, but it was also hard to watch, because it kind of felt like they didn't show up for most of it.  Around the time that we had 4 minutes left in the game, we decided maybe we should slip out and beat the crowds and traffic, and get our truck so we could go get Emma.  We were down by a couple of touch downs and really didn't figure they would do anything since they hadn't even been playing well all day.  Go figure, as soon as we leave the stadium, our boys woke up, came back and won it!  We were so excited they won, but we are still dealing with our stomach aches because we missed it!  As it was announced that Seattle had won, we all cheered, and Gracie burst into tears again.  She was so happy for Russell Wilson!  :)  She's got a big heart and wears it on her sleeve.
Within a couple minutes, they were both out!  We kept listening to ESPN and would look at each other and shake our heads as if to say, "what the heck were we thinking?"  We will never live it down.  Our family has given us such a hard time about it already.  At one point, Dan told me, "We don't deserve to wear the number 12 jersey."  Oh dear!  ;)

I took this picture right before we got to Selah for the night.  Washington gave us a beautiful sunset.

Like I said, Emma was spoiled.  They took her to Toys R Us to pick out anything she wanted.  She looked around and all she wanted was a thing of moon sand.  They went out and ate pizza. 
They also got her this horse balloon that walks around behind her on a leash.  It has just enough weight on it's feet that it stays on the ground.  I guess she took her new pet all around the different stores and restaurants. 
Monday morning, we headed home.  Jesse wore jersey to bed and again the next day.  We stopped in McDonalds at Moses Lake on our way home.  I think this picture shows how tired and wiped out we all were.  ;)
Such a fun trip and Seattle has always been one of my favorite city's to visit, but it's true what they say, "there's no place like home!"

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  1. Aw, what a good recap. I know you guys are still kicking yourselves for leaving early, so I won't rub it in anymore. :) Gracie is just a sweetie! We need to figure out how she can meet Russell Wilson.
    So glad you guys made it home safely. And it was soooo great to meet you. Hopefully we'll see you down in Phoenix in a few weeks. ;)