Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Quite a year

  2014 has been quite a year.  I lost both of my grandparents the first of the year, and on Friday, we got a call that Dan's grandmother had passed away.  :(  We are both very blessed to have had our grandparents in our lives for so long. 

We went up to be with Dan's family for the weekend and they had a few pictures out of Dan's Grannie that I had never seen before.  I LOVE old pictures and family history.  I seriously can't ever get enough of it.  This was one of the pictures of her and her husband.  Aren't they just the cutest?!  :)

Hilma was such a neat lady.  We will miss her so much, and as sad as we are to see her go we are thankful that she's not in pain anymore.

I don't know what Heaven is like, but I sure hope that this handsome husband of hers was waiting for her with that big beautiful smile of his.  :)

On a much, much lighter note...  

I love this prayer that I found in the beginning of a book called, 'Let's all be brave'.  It is perfect for every single day.

On our way home Sunday evening, I looked down at the heater and laughed.  Dan and I have a lot in common but sometimes we are polar opposites.  This is a good example!  Haha!  By the way, it was me who had my side set to 90.  I hate being cold.  Our poor car was probably confused... we should have probably found a happy medium!  ;)

It is homecoming week at our school right now.  Today was dress like the 80's.  This is what we came up with.  We practiced last night giving her big hair, but decided to just stick to a nice side pony tail.

Gracie's junior high isn't participating... which I think is lame.  ;)  And after showing Jesse a few idea's of how he could dress up, he decided to pass and just wear his normal athletic wear. 

PS.  Sorry if this post is a little bit all over the place.  I thought about breaking it up into a couple different posts.  But I think that is just how life in this house is lived.  We grieve, we celebrate, we keep living life, making memories, but never forgetting the special people who we were blessed to love on.

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