Monday, September 8, 2014

Working 9 to 5...

  My Dad had a total knee replacement here a couple weeks ago.  They are short handed at the store, so they asked if I would help out for a couple of weeks.  I started working the same day that the kids started school.  Man, let me tell you... I have a whole new appreciation for working Mom's.  Hat's of to you all.  This is the reason I haven't posted anything for a week.  Seriously I don't know how you all do it!?!?

  The kids went back to school last Tuesday.  :(  Goodbye Summer!
  We had so much fun this summer.  We managed to fit in a lot of fun things to do, but we still had a few things that we never did get around to doing.  It's just never long enough.

  Emma's birthday was over Labor Day weekend.  The kids and I went to church by ourselves because Dan had to go down to the fair auction and bid on a steer and a pig, which he does every year for the business.
  The kids and I went out to lunch to celebrate.  
  My sister braided a crown through Emma's hair, and she wore it like this to church, lunch... the whole day!  :)
   While we are at lunch, I get a text from Dan saying he bought a bunny and that they are on their way home!  What???  I guess Dan bid on a bunny like many others did expecting that he would just give the bunny back to the girl after he purchased it, like everyone else was doing.  But this little girl didn't want her bunny back, or wasn't allowed to.  I guess the family has too many and are trying scale back. All this to say...  meet Skipper! 
We will be looking for a new home for Skipper before long, but for now the kids are loving him. 

 Later in the day we celebrated Emma's birthday here at our house, with lots of family.  She had a great day, and we all had lots of fun!  It was a great way to end the summer... with a party. 

  Gracie is now in 7th grade and has started volleyball.  Jesse is in 4th grade and has started soccer.  Emma is in 1st grade and has decided not to play soccer this year.  Our plate is full right now, but we are embracing it and enjoying the different stages that each kid is at.  I love this crazy crew of mine!