Sunday, September 1, 2013


  We have been running around everywhere, trying to finish up summer and get ready for school to start.  This year the kids don't start school until Tuesday. 

  Where we live we are about 2 hours in any direction from anything!  Haha!  There is no McDonald's, Starbucks, Target, even an orthodontist.  So most Dr. appts, any shopping, things like that you just have to plan to drive a ways and be gone most of the day.

 So the kids and I went out of town and got them haircuts, they each had their dentist appointments.  Jesse saw his orthodontist.

We finished up their back to school shopping.

The Fair was in our area this weekend, so we did 2 evenings of that.  We went down Friday evening to let the kids ride the rides since it isn't as busy yet and then yesterday was Emma's 6th Birthday so after her party we loaded back up and went down to eat, visit and hit the rodeo.

Here is Miss Emma with her new baby doll.  She got this little baby that she's been wanting and a new stroller and car seat for it.  She is a little Mama for sure!  :)

  We are just going to hang out at home today and tomorrow and get ready for school on Tuesday.  Emma will be going to Kindergarten this year, so this will be the first year for me with all of my babies away for the day. We'll see how this goes!  ;)

  Starting Wednesday, soccer practices start up and then we'll be running to all 3 of the kids' different practices during the week.  Each kid has 2 practices a week, so I'll be running to 6 practices a week plus a game every Saturday.  Should get interesting!  I'm tired just thinking about it!  I'm gonna have to break in my new running shoes I guess!   :)

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