Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Off to school

  Today was the kid's 1st day of school and my 1st day with no kiddos at home!  Very bittersweet to say the least.  It's nice to straighten up the house and know that it will stay that way until the kids run through the door at 3:45.  But I miss having them around as well. 

  We got in a quick picture while we were out at the highway, waiting for the bus to come.

Emma is off to Kindergarten and she is one independent lady!  She didn't want me to take her to school because she is a "big girl" now.  So we compromised and I followed behind the bus.  She didn't want me to walk her in either so I once again followed her into class.  After she was all settled in, I waved from across the room and then she gave me a smile and pointed to the door.  I guess it was my time to go!  Ha!  Like I said, very independent.  Watch out world... here she comes!  :)

Jesse is now in 3rd grade and very excited about it!  He even let me take his picture!  Wahoo!!!  :)  
This is my son who I'm just sure will be a Lawyer one day.  Getting paid to argue would be right up his alley!  ;)  He is a sweet boy, he's just sure that he's always right about EVERYTHING!  Must get that from his Father!  ;)

Here is my sweet Gracie!  She is in the 6th grade this year, which means that next year we move up to Junior High!  Eeek!!!  She isn't as excited this year.  She knows that school will be even harder this year and she is nervous about it.  I'm hoping that they all have a great year and learn so much! 

Here is to a new school year, and a new chapter in our lives with all of my babies away for the day!  May God watch over them and keep them safe!

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