Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend fun

  The kids are all back in school.  Wahoo!!!  Time to get caught up at home now.  My list just keeps growing and growing.  People kept telling me that once all of my kids were in school that I would be all caught up on everything and would get be bored just sitting around at home.  I'm still waiting for this to happen.  ;)  My list of stuff to get done around the house is a mile long and I'm trying to get all my editing caught up this week.  I have a big wedding out of state this weekend that I also need to be preparing for.   I'm hoping and praying that I can keep up and that the next two months fly by.  I'm ready for some down time to just get the house all cleaned up and organized again. 

The kids all had soccer games this weekend.  Dan was so sweet and let me leave towards the end of the game to go horseback riding.  I know that my days are limited on riding, as the days will get cold and the snow will come before we know it and then I'll be hiding inside until Spring.  ;)

  Last night we watched the Seahawk and 49ers game.  This was Emma gearing up for the game. Haha! 

Jesse wouldn't let me take his picture, and Gracie was too busy playing with her cousin Belle to even put on her jersey.  But she wore it this morning to school and will be sporting it around for all to see!  :)

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