Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fun at the lake

 I love this picture of Dan, Emma and Jesse.  Emma looks like she's ready to fight and Jesse he just cracks me up!

 BFF's in the making!  Emma and Shea just love each other!

Dan's parents rented a couple paddle boards for us to use for the day.  We all had a lot of fun using them.  The kids even did great.  They just hoped on and took off.

 Gracie and Belle
I didn't get any pictures of them tipping each other over and all the fun that they had on them, but I was too busy having fun myself to be sitting and taking pictures all day.   :)  At one point I got both of my sisters to get on one of the paddle boards with me.  Hoping there is a good picture of that because that was so fun!  And guess what else we got a picture of.....

My Family
So thankful to have a picture of all 5 of us in one place! 

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