Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Loves

Today I'm linking up with Andrea and I'm sharing a bit about my loves.  I'm not a huge fan of Valentines Day, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my family with some of you who might be new to my blog.
These people right here... they're my world.

My husband Dan, is such a good husband and father.  He's a strong leader, but can be a big pushover as well, when it comes to the kids and I.  He is so selfless, and will do anything to make us happy.  He loves to travel as much as I do, which is fun.  We always have a couple of destinations on our mind, whether we have plans to go somewhere or not. He's been a huge Seahawk's fan since he was a kid, and has turned the rest of our family into fans as well.  Well, except for Emma, she's still on the fence.  But, we've decided that if that's how she needs to rebel, we'll take it.  ;)

Gracie is 14, and is in the 9th grade.  She's a Daddy's girl through and though.  She has a sweet and gentle soul... but is as stubborn as can be.  You can't talk this girl into anything or out of anything.  She loves music and giving out hugs.  To this day, we still get parents and teachers, saying how they love their "Gracie hugs."  Haha!  She just loves everyone.  She loves her siblings, even though they bug her like crazy.  If one of them gets hurt or is crying because they're sad, this girl will burst into tears for them.  Her heart is just so sweet.

Jesse is 12 and is in 6th grade.  He's a bit of a Mama's boy, who thinks of his Dad as his best friend.  He is quick witted, funny and has a big heart.  He is great at math, and we think a lot of that has to do with the amount of football he watches.  ;)  He's constantly watching scores, on both the games and on his fantasy football teams.  There is always math going on in his head.  Jesse is very much a brother in every sense of the word.  He picks on his sisters, and teases them until they cry.  But he's also the first one to stick up for them if someone else is teasing them, or making them sad... he'll come out madder than a bull.  He's also my thinker... he can easily sit down with me and talk scripture for a half an hour at a time.  He has so many questions and is so inquisitive... it's fun.

Emma is 9 and is in the 3rd grade. She's a sweet girl with a soft heart.  She's my baby and my little buddy.  She wants to be wherever I am.  She's a little mother hen, who tries to help manage and take care of everyone in the house.  I have to constantly remind her that I'm the Mom, and that her siblings don't appreciate the helpful demands from her to get their work done, wear their retainer, or go to bed.  She's a natural born Mom & teacher all thrown in one.  She has an endless amount of energy, and wants to be doing something 24/7.  This girl doesn't require or even want much for down time.  She wants to be baking, crafting, helping with dinner... something at all times.  She loves babies as much as anyone... just like her Mama.

Now, I wrote sweet and kind things about my crew, but don't get me wrong.  We have our good days and our bad days.  We say things we shouldn't.  We fight... we're normal!  But we also happen to be a family who loves the Lord.  We are so thankful for the grace and mercy that He gives us each and everyday.  He is our Rock, and our Greatest Love of all.  I pray He is yours as well!

Happy Valentines Day!



  1. Beautiful family! I love what you wrote about your people. Following along with bloglovin' now. :)

  2. Such a sweet and precious family. I love hearing your love for the Lord and how He is your foundation. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Beautifully Candid

  3. I love getting to know you and your family more! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Such a beautifully written post Jenny. I wish our kids could see themselves through our eyes. They honestly have no idea and probably won't until they kids of their own. That is one thing that has really brought home how much God loves us to me...thinking of him as a parent. Your Emma sounds a lot like my Katie was at that age. ❤️ Have a wonderful evening with your family!

  5. Love getting to know your family better Jenny what a sweet crew and I love that you love the lord too!!!! Xoxo Erin

  6. What a great post! I loved learning more about your family. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  7. So fun to hear more about your precious family and to know that you are human just like the rest of us. :o)) Blessings abundant!

  8. Emma sounds soooo much like my Carly! My others tease that I cater to her but it's really just that she loves being with me. I've tried to soak it up because the teen years are quickly approaching. Precious family!

  9. Aww I love your family! I really hope I get to meet all of you in person someday, Jenny!