Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chartering New Territory

Gracie passed her written driving test almost 2 weeks ago... which means she now has her drivers permit.  It's so weird and exciting, all at the same time.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.  Dan and I have already taken turns letting her drive, but no matter how responsible your kid is, it is soooo weird to be sitting in the passenger seat, while they drive you to town.

I'm telling you all, it seems like she was just 5 years old yesterday, and all of a sudden, this is my reality.  My girl is growing up, and there is no stopping her.

She has a prom dress, that is waiting to be worn next month. 

She's on the last couple months of her freshman year.

She has her own debit card, that she's learning how to manage.

We're talking about big things in life, like eventually looking for her first job.  Finding a reliable used car.  Maintaining good grades, so we get discounts on car insurance.  Not falling in love with the wrong boys.  Big stuff, like that.  And in the mean time, I'm over here trying to figure out how I became the adult, and I'm scrambling to figure out how to raise one as well.

My nest is far from empty, but from my tiptoes, I'm starting to glimpse into that future.  It's bittersweet, but also a bit scary.   So, while this girl of mine is paving the way for her siblings, and is chartering new territory with us... I'm going to squeeze her extra tight, and soak in as many moments, both big and small, from each day, because I'm seeing more and more, just how fast the years go by!



  1. We are just a few months behind you with my Grace. She will getting her permit this summer. It's so hard to believe!

  2. Good luck with your new driver! I can't even imagine my three year old driving(in 13ish years) but I'm sure it will come faster than I think!

  3. Oh my goodness it's scary when your kids do things you remember doing as a kid! Time goes so far and mine are still relatively young!!! Xoxo Erin

  4. Aww I love it! She's such a great girl because you're such a great mom, Jenny! :)