Friday, February 10, 2017

10 Favorite Items In My Closet

Happy Friday!!!

Today, I'm mixing it up a bit and I'm sharing my 10 favorite items from my closet.  I have to say that summer clothes are my favorite pieces to wear, but since it's winter, I decided to only show you my favorite winter items.

I don't remember where I got this buffalo plaid infinity scarf, but it's one of my favorite scarves.

I've had these Ugg boots, for a long time and they are still my favorite thing to wear in the winter months.  They are so comfortable.  They keep my feet warm, and they go great with leggings, or skinny jeans.

I bought this black long sleeve shirt from Athleta this past Fall, and it's still on regular rotation in my closet.  It's as comfy as it looks, and it's holding up great for as much as I wear it.

I love this vest. This green is my favorite color, along with my second favorite color... black.
(I ordered it from an online boutique and I don't see that it's available anymore.)

In the Fall, Spring and Winter up here in Montana, I'm always cold.  I'm always layering up.  So I have this Northface vest in both the white,

and the black
You could safely bet that I am wearing one of these, at lest 3-4 times a week.

The Born booties that I have look exactly like these but without the tassels.  I'm not normally a big tassel fan, but I actually think this is cute how they've tied it in.  This is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own.

My Big Star skinny jeans are my favorite, and I wear them way too much.

These leggings are my favorite.  They are so comfy and they have a nice wide band at the waist for a little extra support.

This cardigan, (aka the blardigan) gets warn a lot.  Most of the time I just wear it around the house, but you can most definitely dress it up as well.

Okay, so that's my top 10...  tell me about one of your favorite items from your closet!

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Have a great weekend, you guys!



  1. Love that buffalo plaid scarf and those vests :) Vests are always in rotation in the Fall and Spring around here!

    1. Thanks! I get so much use out of my vests. I've had both of my Northface vests for years... they hold up so well.

  2. My favorite items I wear everyday are my Lululemon High Times leggings, Lands End pullover and a Patagonia Better than Sweater zip up!

  3. I wear my Ugg boots (exactly like yours) way more than I should. You're right, they are just so dang comfy!

    I have that buffalo plaid scarf too, and I just love it!

  4. blardigans, uggs and hue leggings!!! Are we the same person!?

  5. I love scarves and that green vest with the print is fabulous! I love a long cardigan too.
    Beautifully Candid

  6. Can I come raid your closet? I have those Uggs in dark brown and haven't worn them in 3 years since our move to CA. They are just sitting in the box in my closet...what a waste, but I do love my blardigan❤️ Have a great weekend Jenny!!!

  7. Well you know I love you to pieces for being so supportive and linking up! I wish I could give you a giant hug! Also uggs seriously are my favorite in the winter like slippers on the go!!! You know I love those leggings and I totally have my eye on that Athleta too now -- hmmmm!!!! Have the best day Jenny, I am so glad our paths crossed ;) xoxo Erin

  8. I wear my blardigan all the time! And the same leggings. I love that athleta goodie! So cozy!

  9. SO many things that I love in your closet!! That buffalo plaid scarf is a perfect start to the vests, and I've always wanted a blardigan!

    1. Thanks! :) It's the perfect vest for sure. I love my blaridgan, but I refuse to pay full price. Keep watching for when they go on sale.

  10. Love that scarf!! I got a down vest this winter and I wear it CONSTANTLY! I don't know how I lived so long without one!

  11. That cardigan really is fabulous....I totally wish I had gotten in grey too. Great find on the fun military jacket.

  12. Obviously I didn't have time to get a post up :( BUT I enjoyed yours! That vest with the aztec print on the back is SO cute! I love your style, Jenny. I think ours is similar though I don't have many winter clothes, because the ones I do have are worn for a whole 2 days down here. I didn't even get a chance to wear most of my cute scarves. I love the Hue leggings too. I've gotten so many Lularoe leggings this year that I love too, but there's something about that wide waistband with the Hue ones that love so much.

  13. I have that same buffalo plaid scarf, love it! I want that sweatshirt from Athleta! Looks so cozy! I'm wearing my blardigan as I type this :)