Thursday, September 29, 2016

October Goals

I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and start sharing my monthly goals.  Here is my list for October.

Buy Christmas gifts for at least 3 people on my list.

I know we still have a long ways to go until Christmas, but if I can do a little bit each month, it shouldn't be as stressful.  Plus, it sure would be nice to have the bill broken up over a couple months instead of getting one big bill in January. 

Clean out and reorganize my storage room.

Oh, the storage room.  I love and I hate this room in my house.  It holds a little bit of everything with no organizational method whatsoever.  I have totes of miscellaneous things, books, Christmas decor, ...etc.  Put that together with the kids rummaging through it, and me hauling things up and dropping them off.  It's a mess.  Every year I have to go back up and reorganize it. 

Read 3 books.

Lately, I've only been getting to one book a month.  I want to start making time to read a bit more.  3 books is my goal for October.

Walk at least 4 days a week.

I know it's silly that I should even have to put this on here, but I just am not good at making time to exercise.  I honestly don't even think about it, until my day is almost over.  I'm writing it down, so I'll be held more accountable.

Be more consistent on meal planning.

Every once in a while on a Sunday, Dan and I will sit down and write out a list of what we might want to eat for the week, and we plan it according to what we have on our schedules.  Some nights we know we will be busier, or we'll be gone for a chunk of the evening, so we plan leftovers for those nights or easy things I can put together in the crock pot and have ready.  We/I need to do this more.  It helps so much, because then I can make an appropriate grocery list, where we'll spend less and we waste less, verses me just guessing and then letting vegetables go to waste when I don't end up using them.

None of my goals are huge by any means, but they are all things I'd like to accomplish this next month.

What is one of your goals for October?


  1. I usually have to stretch my Christmas shopping out over a few months. I just cannot afford to do all at once. And it gives me anxiety if I'm not finished by Thanksgiving!

  2. Great goals Jenny! Organizing is on my list for October as well. And good for you for writing down that you want to walk. Sometimes it takes writing it down for it to stick.

  3. I think anytime we write down our goals that we have a much better chance of doing them than otherwise. These are very worthy goals and I do wish you the best!