Thursday, September 1, 2016

Emma's 9th Birthday Party

September and October are my favorite months! I cannot wait!!!:
 Well, September has finally arrived!  I have kicked and drug my feet the whole way here, but now that we're here, I think I'm finally ready.  

We ended August with Emma's birthday party, and now that the party is off of my to do list, I feel I can breath a little easier.  We keep birthday parties pretty simple, but there's still so much planning involved.

 My birthday girl.

 She decided to forgo cake and just have an ice cream bar instead.

 Birthday parties with cousins are always so much fun.

I almost didn't post this picture, because it shows too much of our family's "crazy."  But I want my kids to remember it, so the picture is staying.  

My brother can't just give the kids a present, he always has to make it a challenge.  Sometimes he'll put it in a block of wood, or he'll use cement, dirt, construction nails, duct tape, paper mache... anything to make it be work.  I think it's official, that Emma had the most disgusting present ever.  He put her present which was money inside a special baggie to keep it safe, but she had to get it out of this mess first in order to get to it.  This is wet cat food, people.  Yuck!  

The kids all ran outside to open it up in the yard.  They used the water hose, and thought it was disgustingly fun.  But this is what my niece thought about it.  Haha!
 I stayed away, but I'm sure it didn't smell the best.

A happy girl on her birthday.

I don't know if it's just us, or if anyone else has a hard time deciding what to get other people for gifts.  My Mom decided that they'd forgo buying a present, and just put a bunch of ones in a gift bag.  She figured Emma could just do a little shopping and pick out something she wanted.  Nothing like making a kid feel rich when you give them one dollar bills.  It doesn't have to be a lot of money, but kids sure think it looks fun.
 Look at that smile.
We are headed out of town to watch Gracie's first volleyball game today.  She's a starter today, and is a bit nervous.  I'm excited to watch.  Volleyball is my most favorite sport to watch.  It's so intense.

I'm hoping to see you all back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.



  1. That is so gross! But she still looked so happy. Have fun watching Gracie play volleyball!

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