Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Woohoo!  We've made it to another Friday!  This girl, is ready for a little down time.

Once again I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika & Narci to share my favorites.


Last year at this time, Dan and I were over in Stockholm, Sweden, before heading over to Finland.  It's always crazy how fast time flies.  It was and is still a favorite of mine.
You can read more about it here, or on my travel page here.


I'm having to remember this more and more it seems.  The older I get, the more people I meet.  It seems somebody always has an opinion of somebody else, before I've even had a chance to form my own opinion of them.  I want to keep remembering that their opinion doesn't need to influence my opinion of someone.  I don't mind being cautious, but beyond that... I'm opinionated enough without help.  ;)


Shoes, shoes, and more shoes.  Last year I picked up a couple pairs of boots.  This year, I was on the hunt for a couple pairs of flats.  I was wanting something I could wear while I transition from Summer into Fall/ Winter or at least until I'm ready to wear boots.  This is what I've found.
 I loved the color of these Sperry's, and they are on sale for $39.99.  I'm still not sure if I'll keep them though.  I really want to, but they feel a bit tight on the top.  I'm not sure if they'll stretch with wear or not.

And these Steve Maddens, because a girl always needs a black pair of shoes, right?!  These were a bit more at $59.99, but I think they'll be a nice addition. 


Lastly, I found these Toms, and loved the color.  I think they'll be perfect with a pair of my jeans cuffed, for a relaxed look.  They were $59.00.  Again, a little pricey, but...  :)

I'm not sure yet what I'll end up keeping.  The lady at the check out counter reminded me that all 3 added up together equal 1 pair of boots, so that's good... right?!  ;)


Flour.  Yes, flour is a favorite of mine right now.

My Dad has been buying Kamut grain.  You can buy the flour, but it comes in such a small bag, so he's been buying the grain instead.  He grinds the grain into flour and has been making Gracie bread.  She loves it, and they like it so much better than Gluten Free flour mix's.  It's an ancient grain, that I guess hasn't been modified or messed with, so it doesn't seem to bother her stomach.  This is definitely a favorite of mine.  I love when we find things that she can eat, or things that make our lives a little better.  And I love my Dad for taking the time to keep trying and looking for new things that work.


This girl.  She is one of my best friends daughters, and I claim to be her other mother.  I love her dearly, and was excited that she wanted me to take her senior pictures. We went out last weekend, and had so much fun!

She is beautiful, inside and out, and couldn't be any sweeter.

I'm taking more pictures for my other friends daughter this evening.  Jesse has a soccer game tomorrow.  Throw in Church, lots of football, and cleaning the house... we're set for another busy weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?



  1. You did an awesome job on those pictures! Wow!

    I also try to remember to form my own opinion and not let others' influence me. I can like someone even if other people don't!

  2. I can't believe it's been a year already since going on that trip! It flew by for me;)

    Of course those pictures are gorgeous! If only we lived closer so you could take my family pictures!

  3. Wow, those senior pictures are incredible! Good job!! Love the sperry tennis shoes too. Have a great weekend!

  4. #2...yes so true! You did a great job on her senior pictures! She is beautiful and I'm loving that scarf.

  5. That's so awesome that your dad makes that bread! So sweet! I love those Sperry's!

  6. Ugh...again...I wish you were here to take some senior photos! Those Sperry's are so cute! I need some like it.