Thursday, May 19, 2016

Life Lately

Nothing crazy exciting has been happening around here, but I thought I'd still share a bit of life lately.

  Gracie had her 8th grade car wash last Saturday.  They needed to finish raising money for their graduation, class trip and dance. 
This girl... how am I ever going to let her enter into high school.  Mama ain't ready!  All I can think about is, I only have 4 years to make sure she knows everything she needs to, to enter the world on her own.  Talk about pressure! 

 After we were done at the car wash, we hooked up the camper and dropped it off for this weekend.  Dan left last Sunday on business, so the camper will be there for the kids and I to stay in on Friday night and then he'll meet back up with us on Saturday.  My sisters crew is staying in their camper, so at least we won't be there by ourselves.

 Now that the weather is nice most days, I'm trying to take advantage of it.  I met up with a friend on Tuesday for lunch.  Good food, warm sunshine and good company is hard to beat.

Gracie only has 10 days of school left and Jesse and Emma have 12.  I don't think they've even started counting down the days until summer is here, but I sure have.  I am ready!  Kind of.  ;)


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  1. I can't believe you are going to have a high schooler! That's insane to me!