Friday, May 6, 2016

Everything I've Ever Wanted

This week has been big.  My girls both decided this week that they were ready to give their lives to Christ and get baptized.  I sat down with each of them and they prayed and asked Jesus to be their Savior. 

Yesterday they were baptized by my Dad at our church, and I couldn't be more thankful!  I have prayed daily for their salvation, and God is so faithful!  

I have to smile at Emma's picture, because you can see she thought the water was cold.  :)

Jesse was baptized almost 5 years ago at the lake.  Knowing that all of our kids have committed their lives to Christ, makes Dan and I so happy.  

They will make mistakes, have regrets, and doubts.  After all, we are human and full of flaws.  We're all going to screw up and that's why we need a Savior.  My kids are His now, and they have the Holy Spirit dwelling within them, and He's promised that He won't ever leave or forsake them.  That, my friends, is pure joy to a Mama's heart.

My prayers for my kids won't stop!   I'll continue to pray for their spiritual walk.  I'll pray for their future spouses and the friends that they'll make.  I'll pray for protection for them.  The list goes on and on.  This Mama won't ever stop praying for her babies.

This being a Mom thing, is hard work.  We try to teach our kids to be kind, caring, responsible, & compassionate people. When you see your kids making big decisions on things in life that really matter, and their decisions are good... It makes being a Mama so rewarding.  It makes you feel like maybe, just maybe, you've done something right all along.

To God be the glory!


  1. Best post ever!! What a blessing for your family. Praying for your girls as they begin their Christian journey! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  2. That is THE best news ever! I remember being baptized in the creek long before we got our baptistry in.