Monday, September 28, 2015

Stockholm Sweden Day 3 & 4

Today I'm writing about day 3 & 4 of our trip.  If you missed the first two days of our trip you can read about it here.

Sunday morning we got up early again, and headed back to Old Town.  We wanted to check out the Royal Palace and get our shopping done, because we needed to meet up with our group that evening for a welcoming party.

 This is the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  I loved seeing this palace more than the one we viewed yesterday.  This one seemed so much more grand, especially on the inside.

 Each room was absolutely beautiful.  I had such a hard time understanding why they wouldn't live there anymore.   I'm assuming that they don't just for lack of privacy, being that it's right in the middle of town.  But man it's pretty.  ;)

I may or may not have pictured myself wearing a beautiful ball gown as I walked up and down these stairs... or through out the whole palace.  But that would be weird, right.  ;)  Haha! 
In the picture above, you can see on the left hand side a small hidden door.  I would have paid big bucks to have walked through all the little secret passageways.  This is why I read books, people. So I can live vicariously through the characters.

This is the Palace's chapel.  I was able to get a couple of pictures before everyone began to arrive.  Isn't it pretty?!

And this man of mine... he was so patient to let me walk through as many rooms as I could and take my sweet old time.  I know I talked his ear off and wore our feet out, but it was just so amazing to see.  The older I get, the more and more I love historical architecture.   I just can't get enough of it.

Leaving the palace, this was our view.  I'm not kidding you, Old Town Stockholm is just breathtaking.  

Holding my coffee while I snapped a couple of pictures... he's a keeper.   

 These little side streets/tunnels are all over and I LOVE them.  I can almost just see the people who used to walk up and down these streets.  Just straight out of a book or movie, almost.

 Day 4

Dan went with the group of men and toured a sawmill outside of Stockholm.  The women and I all stayed behind and did some more sightseeing and a bit of shopping.  Then that evening we all loaded up on this small cruise ship and sailed over to Helsinki Finland.
I snapped this picture of our room to send home to my family.  This is the smallest room I've ever stayed in before.  I don't usually ever feel claustrophobic, but I did when we first walked in.  The window doesn't open, and the room was so small that your suitcases had to stay upright alongside of the bed.  To the left of my suitcase was the bathroom that was just a tiny bit bigger than an airplane bathroom.  The only reason it was bigger was because there was a tiny corner shower.  And by corner shower, I mean just a corner of the bathroom with a little curtain and a shower nozzle.  All part of the adventure, right?!  :)

Since we didn't feel like hanging out in the room for long, Dan and I headed up top to get a drink.  

 We planned on hanging out with everyone that evening after dinner, since this little club was going to have a band.  I say planned, because at dinner my body decided it didn't like being at sea. So that brings me to the 2nd thing that I recommend bringing with you when you travel... motion sickness tablets.  Even if you don't think you'll need them, bring them anyways.  You're welcome! 



  1. So pretty!! You did need a ballgown in that palace!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Sweden is beautiful! I would have been pretending I was royalty too:) I like the way you think!

  3. Gorgeous photos!! Love that you guys had a great time!!

  4. Okay, you are more and more making me want to go. The palace is amazing! And that room freaks me out.