Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Emma Jean!!!

Yesterday, my sweet baby girl turned 8 years old.  Yesterday was a busy day for us with volleyball practice, soccer practice and open house at the school.  Since we knew it would be so busy, we scheduled her parties for different days earlier in the week.

Last Thursday she had 3 of her friends come out for a birthday sleepover.  They played, crafted, made pizza's, watched movies and ate way too much junk food.  They had a blast!

Then on Sunday, we had a family party for her, here at our house.  We usually have around 30 family members show up to any given party, so it's always a bit of a challenge trying to figure out what to feed that many people.  Emma decided she wanted taco's and an ice cream bar.  I think that's about as easy as you can get.

Emma got this game and it is so fun.  The kids and grown ups were loving it.  You put a balloon in the middle and then everyone takes turns rolling the dice.  Depending upon what number you get, that's how many times you have to push the little sticks further into the balloon until it eventually pops.  You can see that Emma is getting nervous and is plugging her ears.  

Emma is my youngest, my baby.  She is a "mother hen" to everyone.  She's smart, super observant, quick, witty, has such a caring and giving heart and she's just a complete joy.  I can't imagine my life without her, and I couldn't love her more.  Being her Mom, is fun!  :)



  1. Happy Birthday to your little gal! I love how they made pizzas - has me craving one now!

  2. Happy birthday to Emma! How fun that the girls all made their own pizzas...and it looks like they turned out great!

  3. Both your girls look so much like you Jenny. It sounds like she had a fantastic birthday. Sleepovers with friends are the best!