Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hello September

Seriously, isn't this just the way it happens!  One minute, it's a hot glorious summer day, and the next, summer is over and it's time to grab a jacket and a hot drink.  Well, that's what seems to happen up here in Montana anyways.  It might not officially be fall on the calendar yet, but to me, it's completely and totally 100% fall.

Unless we get another spurt of hot weather soon, I'll be putting all of my tank tops and shorts away until next year.  Some years, I could cry having summer leave, but this year I feel like I'm ready for fall.  And to celebrate, I decided to post a list of reasons that I'm excited.

Warm sweaters
Fuzzy socks
Football games
Game day food
Salted Carmel Mocha's
Cozy blankets
Fires in the fireplace
Good books
Fall decor
Yummy fall candles
Baked goods
Soaking in a hot bath
Holiday preparations

I put up a few fall decorations around the house yesterday and I asked Emma what she thought.  She told me, "It looks good, but Mom, it's not pumpkin time yet." Haha!  I had to explain that it's close enough now that it's September 1st.  She still wasn't convinced.

I don't have a lot of fall decorations.  I just do a couple little things around the house to bring Fall indoors without it feeling too cluttered. 

Are you all ready for the change in season?


  1. Love Fall and love your decor!! I am on the search for a pumpkin candle I like...I don't like the "pumpkin pie" smells - but I love pumpkin spice!

    1. Thanks! I picked up my candle at Bath & Body Works last weekend when I was out of town. They have lots of different pumpkin scents, and other fall scents as well that aren't pumpkin. I normally get candles that smell like baked goods... sugar cookies, or maple donuts.

  2. Aw I love fall. September 1st definitely signifies fall for me too. I have minimal decorations as well, but just love having a few things to bring in those beautiful fall colors.

  3. I love fall for all the same reasons! Except we like Bobcat football and you guys are Seahawks fans

  4. And I'm excited to break out the sweaters! Last fall I was pregnant and didn't get to wear them!

  5. I'm so excited for so many of the same things! Love your burning candle!

  6. I do love the fall but I'm not ready for the summer to be over yet. I just can't get enough pool time - I'm loving it! It's still pretty warm here and I'm not ready for the cold. I do love fall fashion and soups though! And football! I think it'll be fall like end of October-ish :) ...which is when we go on vacation to a beach in Mexico! Haha yay!

  7. Yes yes yes! So with you on this! Is it appropriate to light my fall candles now that it's September?!

    1. Absolutely! Actually, I think it's quite necessary! :)