Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!!  Let the weekend begin! 

Today I'm linking back up with Andrea, Erika and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites.


Monday this sweet girl of mine turned 8.   

I know that she's growing up and becoming a big girl, and I love it.  But... she's still my baby!  And when your baby turns 8, that's a big deal.


The other day there were 5 bears up in the back pasture behind my parents house.  3 of them were cubs.  They were so fun to watch.   The quality of the photo isn't the best, because I had to really zoom in with my lens, but safety over quality right?!  I was safely inside a vehicle as well, because I know what it feels like to be a "Mama Bear", and there ain't no way that I'm gonna mess with one.  ;)


I found this picture on Pinterest and just love it.  This is the perfect Fall outfit.  Well for a little while anyway.  The weather here has already been in the mid to low 60's here this week and tomorrow it's only supposed to get up to 59.  That's when you all will hear me whining.  Thankfully it shouldn't stay that low, but hopefully come back up to the low 70's.  But it's Montana, so anything can happen. 


I love having our house decorated for fall.

The kids start school on Monday, and school and fall just go hand in hand.


Last night we went down to the county fair.  The kids rode rides.

We ate fair food

We checked in on Emma's produce that she entered.  Emma and her Granny share a garden, so Emma entered into the kids competition and walked away with 5 blue ribbons and a red.  She has the tiny smooth little pumpkin in the back right.  She just entered for fun, but I guess you end up making $5 for every blue ribbon.  I think her older siblings are now trying to figure out what they can enter next year.  Ha!

And then they rode more rides.
When I took this picture, Gracie was the only one on the ride.  We love going down on Thursday evenings because it is so slow, and there aren't as many people around.  Which means, no lines.  :)

We are hoping to have a relaxing weekend at home, getting a few things done.

Do you guys have any big plans this weekend?


  1. So fun that you got to watch the bears like that! The house looks great – I can’t wait to get ours decorated soon.

  2. That last pictures is awesome Jenny! And I love that Emma won so many ribbons! Good for her! Our fair starts next Friday and we can't wait to go. It's the best!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. That is so cool you got to see those bears (from a safe distance away!)

    Happy bday to your sweet little girl! Soak it up because they grow up so fast!

  4. The bears are too cool!! How neat to see that in the open!

    1. Thanks! They were really fun to watch.

  5. You and your daughter look so much alike! That's so awesome you got to see those bears! I love seeing wildlife in their natural habitat!