Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Questions and Answers

I was tagged by Kelli to participate in a little question and answer post.  Click here to check out her blog.  You'll love her!

1.  What do you feel is your best character trait?

I've been thinking about this one, and I guess one of my better traits would be "helpful" for lack of a better word.  Even though it's a good trait, it has given me many sleepless nights.  If someone tells me a problem that they are having, I want so desperately to help them fix it.  My mind doesn't want to shut off until all is well in their world again.  The problem is, I can't fix everyone's problems, and honestly most people don't need me to.  Haha!  I also try and be helpful by using humor.  Sometimes people take themselves too seriously and I like to bring in some humor and lighten things up.  Life is a lot more fun when we can laugh at it and ourselves. 

2.  If you were granted 1 wish what would it be?

To pick only one wish is so hard!  I guess I would pick a selfish wish, and wish that my kids would find salvation through Jesus Christ.  It's something that each one of them has to choose on their own and I just want them to choose Jesus, so my Mama heart can quit worrying about them so much.  My son Jesse was baptized a couple of years ago and gave his life to Christ and I am praying for my girls to accept Him as well.  I know they believe in Him and love Him, but still they wait.  I don't know if it's the fear of being baptized or what... so I just keep praying, praying, praying!!!

3.  If you could pick a different time period to be born in, what would it be and why?

Well if I got to pick who I would be as well, I would be born into royalty in a grand ol' castle somewhere where we would all attend balls and wear big fancy gowns.  Haha!  Maybe all the men would walk around saying things like, m'lady.  Hahaha!  I'm not sure what time period that would be, but it sounds fun.  :)

4.  What is the most challenging part of blogging for you?

My biggest struggle is feeling like I don't always have something to write about.  We live a fairly simple life and most days we are just doing the same thing as everyone else.  Laundry, bills, cleaning and being a family.  Nothing too glamorous.  But I keep blogging, because I know years from now, my family and I will look back and reminisce on these days.

5.  Favorite place you've ever visited?

This would probably have to be Cancun Mexico.  Dan and I went there on our honeymoon almost 14 years ago.   We loved the beach and the resort, but it was also nice because we got to do some sight seeing as well.  We loved loading up on a bus and seeing Chichen Itza and the little Mexican towns along the way.  We were able to do some shopping from some of the small local vendors and then sat down at a fun authentic Mexican restaurant where they danced and entertained us while we ate.

We also stopped by at this underground swimming hole.  It was the neatest little spot.  Dan and a bunch of people jumped in.  I sat and watched because I have seen way too many movies and wasn't about to jump in and have something pull me under.  I'm so not a risk taker.

6.  What is your #1 priority in life?

To be pleasing in the eyes of my Lord.  I strive so hard to please Him.  Unfortunately I often feel like I fail Him.  But thankfully, His grace is always there.  I know we are saved by His grace through our faith in Christ Jesus and not through good works, but still... I want Him to be proud of me. 

7.  What is your favorite thing to do with your free time?

I always have my nose in a book.  So if it's nice out and I have free time, I'm gonna read while catching some rays.  If it's cold, I'm gonna fill up my gigantic bath tub and soak while reading.  Books, heat and a big old glass of ice tea and I'm in my happy place.

8.  One thing you could change about yourself at no cost? 

Hmm... maybe my Mama belly.  Having 3 kids was not the easiest thing on my poor stomach.  Besides the wonderful stretch marks... my belly hasn't been flat since the year 2001.  Ha!  I have always had a great metabolism, but for some reason, my stomach has forgotten that. 

The runner up would be my teeth.  I refused to get braces when I was in junior high, because I had such a happening social scene.  Ha!  Now I'm realizing that getting braces at the age of 13 would have been a lot nicer than at 32.  I have a consultation next month.  Eeek! 

9.  Who is your role model?

I have two...My Mom and my Grandma.  Through these two women, I understand the importance of family.  They have modeled well what it looks like to be a good wife, mother and grandmother.  I attended a funeral last week and what they talked about really stuck with me.  They said that no matter whether you plan to leave a legacy or not, you will.  So make it the legacy that you want.  I would be privileged to do life as well as these two ladies have.

10.  Tell us about 1 goal you are currently striving to achieve.

Well, I haven't been striving as well as I should be towards my goal.  I really want to tone up my body and get rid of my Mama belly.  I've been trying to be more conscientious of my eating habits, but it's time I started exercising.  :(  Not just every once in a while, but actually go after it.  I don't enjoy exercising and I've never experienced these "endorphins" that people talk about.  Haha!  But regardless, I need to just make it happen.  If you are wanting to do the same, go check out Tiffany's post from yesterday.  It gave me another boost to get my bum moving and reach my goal.

Well, that's it for today!  If there is anything else you'd like to know… ask away.  :)

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. I love that you love to read. I do as well and so wish I had more time. Now I listen to a lot of audio books during my commute.
    And I loved Cancun as well. We went to Chichen Itza and it was so hot but really cool.
    And it sounds like we have matching tummies. I bet we could start some sort of cult following or something. :)

  2. Awww...you are so sweet!

    I am so a fixer too. It's definitely a good thing but yeah, can be bad at times. I'm always trying to figure out how to use this as a benefit and not letting myself get run over by others.

    Oh my gosh that wish is not selfish at all! That's the best possible thing you could wish for. I love it!

    Love love love your #1 priority :) I'd say the same thing!

    Yeah I don't enjoy working out lately either. I used to and really wish that I did now...maybe then I would more! So glad you posted this!!